A brand mini session is a great way to get a quick refresh on your photos when all you need are a “few photos”

Brand photographers across the internet just cringed. Because in today’s social media forward world, you need more than a “few photos” for your marketing.

However, sometimes, you really just need to do a quick refresh. A brand mini session may be the right choice for you.

What is a brand mini session?

I like to describe a branding mini session as a bite sized version of the full experience. It is a short – truly mini – version of a full branding photoshoot. Typically, it will be hosted at a designated location, while full photoshoot clients get to choose their location. It is also between 15-30 minutes in duration, whereas a full branding photoshoot ranges from 90 minutes up to 6 hours for a full day session.

Who is a branding mini session for?

A brand mini session is great for people looking for something more than a headshot, but less than a full branding photoshoot. Sometimes, people fall into that category when they already have a library of photos, but perhaps they need to update their headshot.

Or, maybe the person is a heavy social media user and needs new photos, frequently. Whatever the case may be, a branding mini session is a good option for someone who wants more than a couple of headshots and would like some lifestyle photos or even flatlays.

How much does a brand mini session cost?

Now, this will of course vary from photographer to photographer and vary from location to location. However, generally speaking you’ll be looking at around $350 for a mini session photoshoot. Of course, there will always be higher and lower price points, but as a general average, $300 is a good price to keep in mind.

For example, my brand mini sessions are $595 and include the location fees, 25 minute photoshoot, and professional makeup touchups.

How many photos do you get?

Again, this will vary from photographer to photographer, but you should expect at least 5 photos from the photoshoot. For a mini session, you’re of course going to get less than a full session. So expect somewhere in the range of 5-15 photos. Some photographers will take more and give you the option to upgrade to the full gallery.

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