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favorite showit template shops

Let’s talk about Showit website template shops!

(This post contains affiliate links.)

So you’re ready to build your website with Showit. It’s no secret that I love Showit. Showit is a website builder that is drag & drop and so easy to use. You don’t have to know code. You don’t have to be a professional designer to use it. It’s such a great website builder and their support team is top notch.

I’ve actually used Showit for over 10 years, I believe in the company that much!

favorite showit template shops

Why Use a Showit Website Template?

Showit is a powerful and flexible software for building your website. There is so much that you can do with it. So much so, that it can feel intimidating with how to get started. Showit website templates are great because they give you the visual framework to customize and create the site you want.

Showit websites can also be custom built by a designer, however, those custom jobs can be an investment. The great thing about Showit website templates is that they can give you a designer feel at a fraction of a custom design project cost. You can customize a pre-built template with your fonts, logo, and colors and make it look and feel completely different.

Showit Website Template Shops

One of the things I love about the Showit community is all the designers who have taken out the hard work of designing a website and created templates for us “non-designers”. As someone who has had a Showit website for over 10 years and seen the iterations and evolution of Showit, it’s amazing to be able to have a place to start.

Designing your own website when you are not a web designer is no easy feat. Especially nowadays that you have to grab and maintain someone’s attention and do it well. Starting from a professional’s framework where all you have to do is add your photos, your text, and customize your colors is such a win.

About seven years ago, I designed my first website with Showit (once HTML5 became a thing for the tech savvy folks), and even then, I started with Showit’s free website template that provides a good starting point. After experiencing what it was like building my own website design, I knew that when the time came to update my website, I would use a professional web designer’s Showit website template. It just makes it so much easier!

Elizabeth McCravy

For my current website (the one you’re on right now) was build from an Elizabeth McCravy – EM Shop template. I really like Elizabeth McCravy’s designs because she builds them to convert. It’s one thing to have a “pretty” website and it’s another thing to have a website that converts your traffic into leads and into clients. And I can confidently say that I’ve seen my conversions increase after implementing this template.

Elizabeth McCravy Showit Website Template

Tonic Site Shop

Another amazing website template shop is Tonic Site Shop. Jen and Jeff are such talented and intentional designers when it comes to their template. Their sites are also built to convert and keep visitors scrolling throughout your website.

Tonic Site Shop Showit Template

Davey & Krista

Davey & Krista‘s tag line is “build a brand that books” and their website template do exactly just that. If you’ve opted into my Ultimate Brand Shoot Planning Guide, then you’ve seen some of their template work. Their designs are also well crafted, intentional, and built to convert your traffic into leads.

Davey and Krista Showit Website

With Grace and Gold

My previous website was built using a With Grace and Gold Showit template and it was my first introduction to a more conversion based website. I really love their design aesthetic that is feminine and delicate. They offer Showit templates as well as custom design projects.

With Grace And Gold

Jessica Gingrich Showit Website Templates

Jessica Gingrich is a fellow North Texas business and offers DIY Showit Website Templates for coaches and creatives that are affordable, easy-to-use and ready to launch within days using our step-by-step video trainings. I love that she includes video trainings which makes it even easier to launch. And if you don’t have time to do it, you could pass it along to a team member to help you get your site done!

Jessica Gingrich

Digital Grace Design

Digital Grace Design templates are made with custom-level design and expert strategy, for a website that flourishes and matures as you do. She just launched her template shop a few weeks ago and her designs are beautiful and built to convert. Digital Grace Design also offers custom design projects as well as “Website in a Week” using one of her templates as the jumping off point.

Digital Grace Design Showit Template

Emma Troy Showit Website Templates

I love the pops of color that Emma Troy Designs have! She is a web designer based out of Australia and I have been admiring her work since her templates popped into my feed several months ago. I love that her websites have personality and she includes a website quiz to help you determine which template would work best for you and your brand.

Emma Troy Design

Northfolk.co Showit Website Template

Finally, Northfolk.co has designs that are unique and give a completely different vibe. They pride themselves by helping their clients create passive income by integrating digital offers with high converting website templates and education.

Northfolk.co Showit

Use Brand Photos in Your New Showit Website Template

So you’ve decided to get a Showit website template. Yay! With any of the designers above you’ll be in great hands. But, before you get overwhelmed, you may be wondering about the photos to fill all the photo sections of the templates.

Well, brand photos of course! If you’re getting ready to launch a new website, it’s a great time to book a brand photoshoot. When I have strategy calls with my clients, and they tell me that they are getting ready to launch a new website, I always ask what orientation of photos they need and if using a template, how many photos are in the design. That gives me a good idea of what to shoot for.

favorite showit template shops


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