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manage your finances as a photographer

Do you need help with photoshoot pricing? Are you struggling with pricing your branding photoshoots? Are you a brand photographer and you’re just getting started with this genre and have no idea how to price things? No problem, I’m here to help!

It’s true, personal branding photography sessions are different from a regular portrait session. These photoshoots are used by personal brands and businesses to market themselves and promote their businesses. It is a business expense.

And as such, your clients will not be expecting the same kind of deliverables for a branding shoot. For a portrait shoot, they will probably be looking for prints, digital images, albums, and canvas wall art pieces. However, for a brand shoot, your client is looking mainly for digital images that can be used on their website, social media, and other marketing materials. They aren’t looking for products to display their photos around their home (usually).

photoshoot pricing

Branding Photoshoot Pricing

Pricing for photoshoots is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Pricing and packages are individual to the photographer and their business. So, while you may check out your “competition” to see what they are charging, chances are, you don’t know why they are charging their pricing.

That’s why you should NEVER just blanket copy someone else pricing because it “sounds good” or “looks good”.

In order to have profitable pricing, it’s key for your pricing to be based on your own personal and business goals. If your business needs to hit certain numbers every month, it’s important to calculate your pricing to meet those numbers.

How much should I charge for a branding photoshoot?

So you may be wondering what you should charge for a branding shoot? Well, pricing can run the gamut, from $500 to $5000 and beyond. How do you know what to charge in your business?

Let’s go to your numbers.

Answer these questions:

  • Is your photography business a side hustle, main source of income, or additional source of income?
  • Do you rely on your photography income to pay your personal bills?
  • If your photography income is extra, is there anything that you’re saving up for? (personal or business expense)

What are your personal expenses? By knowing this number, you’ll have an idea of what you should be paying yourself if photography is your main source of income or how much you can save if it is an additional stream of income.

What are your business expenses? This is the number that needs to be covered 100% by your business income at bare minimum. You want to keep running your business, you need to be able to cover your business expenses.

What is your photoshoot capacity? How many photoshoots can you handle per week and/or per month? Branding photoshoots require more planning and strategy than a regular portrait shoot, so keep that in mind.

How much do you need to make from your business? This amount will vary based on if you need to pay for personal expenses in addition to business expenses. However, if your photography income is not your main source of income, I recommend setting a goal to save up for something fun.

What are your photoshoot expenses? Are there any expenses for an individual photoshoot? Things like renting camera equipment, lighting equipment, backdrops, props, gas, babysitting, etc. You’ll want to factor in any shoot expenses into your pricing.

What is included in branding photoshoot pricing?

Your photoshoot pricing will also factor in what you include. For a branding photoshoot you may want to think about including any of the following and/or factor in the time it takes:

  • discovery/session consultation
  • planning & strategy call
  • hair & makeup for the client
  • location research & rental
  • client gift for booking
  • post-photoshoot implementation call (help your client plan how to use the photos)
  • photoshoot duration
  • editing and retouching
  • emails and administrative
  • travel time

All of these factors will have an impact on how you price your branding photoshoots.

Need help with your branding photoshoot Pricing?

If you’re like, “Thanks for the help, but I’m not good at math, and this is all really overwhelming,” I’ve got good news for you! I’ve put together a Pricing Calculator for Photographers! You input the various pieces of information and it will give you your minimum pricing based on your personal numbers and photoshoot capacity.

Because it’s fun to see what other photographers are doing, but they may be in a completely different season of life than you — they may be single, no kids, and capacity to do 3-4 shoots a week — meanwhile you’re married, work a full time job, have three kids, and can only do 2 shoots a month. It’s so crucial to base your pricing on your numbers.

Introducing: The Ultimate Pricing Calculator for Photographers

Looking for something different? Check out my shop for other resources for brand photographers.


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