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Personal Branding Photography

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If you’re anything like me, you love scrolling Pinterest for ideas. Whether it’s recipes, life hacks, or photo inspiration, Pinterest is an amazing resource. But just how do you plan a Pinterest-worthy branding shoot?

The operative word is “plan”. Branding shoots are about 75% planning and 25% execution. You can’t just show up and shoot and expect amazing results.

The well-executed branding shoots involve detailed planning in order to create the photos that will connect with and attract your ideal client.

In this post, I’ll break down the steps to planning a “Pinterest-worthy branding shoot” so that you can feel confident that you’re making the most of your time and money with your shoot.

How to Plan a Pinterest-Worthy Branding Shoot

If you want to plan a beautiful branding shoot that will yield strategic images, then you have to make a plan of action. The photographer you hire should have a process in place for this. I definitely do.

First, you’ll want to take a look at your website, social media, and any other marketing that includes photos (or you wish you had photos for). Take notes of what you need or what you wish you had.

Next, think about planning your shoot with your ideal client in mind. Who are they? What would they connect with? How do you help them?

Finally, you can gather inspiration for what you envision. You can share this inspiration board with your photographer so they can see the vision of your shoot.

Think Props for a Pinterest-Worthy Branding Shoot

Props are often overlooked when it comes to branding shoots. Having strategic props tells your audience what you do and how they can work with you. If you’re a podcaster, having your podcast mic and even your recording setup are great ideas for props. If you’re a course creator, you may consider bringing props for how you map out a course.

plan a pinterest-worthy shoot
Personal Brand Photo Shoot

Choose a location that makes sense for your brand

It’s that phrase, “location, location, location”. The location of your branding shoot matters! It depends on your brand aesthetic, who you’re wanting to work with, and the story you want to tell. Sometimes that means renting an Airbnb or Peerspace rental. Other times, your own home or studio could work. Or, other times, a natural light studio may be the best fit. Your branding photographer should be able to help you decide where to shoot.

how to plan a pinterest-worthy branding shoot

Select wardrobe that tells your brand’s story

Whether you like it or not, our clothes tell a story. And a branding shoot tells the story of your business. So what you wear for your photoshoot matters. If you’re a business consultant, you may want to wear business attire. If you’re an artist, you may want to wear your painting clothes for part of the shoot and wear something you’d wear to a gallery opening for another part of your shoot.

college application advisor brand photos

I highly recommend getting a color analysis done so that you can choose colors and clothing that look great on you. Bonus points if you have clothing options in your brand colors.

But, if you’re completely lost when it comes to styling clothing, I’ve got you covered and have two stylist I love to refer!

However, in my opinion, the best way to plan a Pinterest-worthy branding shoot, is to work with me!

How I Help You Plan a Pinterest-Worthy Branding Shoot

When you book a branding shoot with me, we get right to work. I have a planning process in place that includes giving your website, social media, and marketing materials an image audit. You’ll fill out a questionnaire so that I can get to know your business better. It’ll take you through a brand audit and help you look at your business and brand strategically.

While you do that, I’ll review your current marketing photos from your website, social media, marketing materials, and more. If you’re thinking, “Wait! I don’t have any photos at all!” that’s okay too. We can always start at square one. I’ll review any photos you’ve taken yourself with your smartphone – I just want to see where we’re starting from.

About 4 weeks before your shoot, we’ll get back together over Zoom for your strategy and planning call. We’ll use the information gathered from your questionnaire and photo audit to create a game plan. We can discuss photo inspiration that you’re drawn to, anything you do not want, what you do want, and we’ll dive deep into getting all the details into place.

The key to planning a Pinterest-Worthy Branding Shoot

Planning is the most important part of a branding shoot. In order to create on-brand, strategic brand photos that speak to your ideal client, you have to have a game plan. There is no “winging” it.

The fastest way to ruin a branding shoot is to skip the planning. If your photographer doesn’t have a planning process in place, that’s a red flag. Chances are that you’ll get some nice portraits, but you won’t get branding photos that can be used for your website, social media, courses, landing pages, sales pages, and more.

North Dallas – Frisco, McKinney, Prosper, Celina, Plano, Little Elm – Branding Photographer

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur in the North Dallas area, including Frisco, McKinney, Prosper, Celina, Plano, Little Elm, and more – and you’re looking for a branding shoot with a photographer with a proven planning process in place, I’m ready to chat!

Step 1. Get in Touch – click and contact today

Step 2. Discovery Call – we’ll chat about your business and your vision for brand photos

Step 3. Book your Shoot – if we’re a “match” let’s get you on the schedule and start planning


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how to plan a pinterest-worthy peronsal branding shoot

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