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6 Important Questions to Ask a Branding Photographer

Personal Branding Photography

I bet you have questions.

You’ve come to a place in your business where you’re ready to level up. You’re ready to reach the next milestone in sales or clientele. Stock photos are not cutting it for your business anymore.

It’s likely time for a branding photoshoot for your business!

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. Booking a branding photographer is an investment. You want to be sure that you trust the person who will be taking your vision for your business and translating that into visuals.

So you may be wondering…what questions do I ask a branding photographer when looking for one?

6 Important Questions to Ask a Branding Photographer

Question 1: What is your process to help me create imagery to advance my marketing goals?

You want to find a photographer who is going to be there to guide you through the process. From first email, to booking, to planning the shoot, to delivery! You also want to see how they will help you develop a shot list that will be meet your content needs. The goal should be not only to take beautiful photos, but photos that are intentionally created for your specific marketing needs. 

Question 2: Where will we have the photoshoot?

Each and every client and business is different. This is one of the reasons that I recommend clients choose a location that matches your brand aesthetic.. You’ll will need to rent a space or shoot at your own space. These are things you should keep in mind when you’re looking at your budget. That being said, you also want a photographer that can review your space first – to see if it is possible to shoot at. Sometimes your home office or regular space will work with just a few styling changes. And sometimes…it won’t!

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Question 3: How long is the entire process?

I recommend reaching out to photographers at least one month in advance, but 8-10 weeks in advance is even better. This gives you ample time to get on a photographer’s schedule and it gives you plenty of time to plan – for props, renting a space or tidying your office, finding outfits, and scheduling your hair appointment. My calendar is already booking into March 2022!

Question 4: Do you have a hair and makeup team available for clients?

You may not have thought of that as part of your shoot, but a dedicated hair and makeup team sometimes helps to boost confidence. For some clients, they prefer to either do it themselves or have their own beauty team take care of it. I do have a list of preferred vendors (who I know and trust!) that you can book for your branding photoshoot. Hair and Makeup is included in my VIP Full Day Package.

Question 5: How will you help me pick out outfits?

How do you pick outfits for your photoshoot? Does the photographer have a stylist or will they be helping you directly? While I’m not a stylist, I can help you choose outfits that will work for your shoot depending on the types of shots we’re taking. For your shoot, it’s great to know your colors and The Color Guru is a great resource to figure out what colors complement you best. If you want something more in depth, I have a stylist that I work with for my clients who request it. 

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Question 6: How many images do I get and can I buy more than what’s in the package?

Photographers will usually offer a specific number of images in their packages and then clients can purchase extra images. For my clients, I let you choose your photos from the gallery. So if your package includes 30 images, I’ll present about 50-60 and let you choose your favorites. I offer a set number of images with each package, but you can definitely purchase more a la carte.

Now that you know the questions you should be asking a branding photographer, why not learn more about the branding shoot process? Check out my planning guide, let’s discuss these questions and any others you may have, and then let’s get you on the books for 2022!

Other questions to ask before you brand photoshoot

How do I choose the right package?

Once you’ve talked to your potential brand photographer(s), you may be wondering how to decide on which package to book. Your photographer should be able to guide you in the direction that would fit your business best. Most brand photographers offer half day and full day sessions, ranging anywhere from 3 hours to 8 hours – it really just depends on your photographer.

What outfits should I wear?

Depending on your package choice, we can fit in a number of outfits. Everyone has their own personal style and interpretations of casual to formal outfits. I like to think of it on a sliding scale from most casual to most formal. It really depends on your industry with how you might interpret that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Dallas indoor natural light studios do you recommend?

Dallas has a growing list of great indoor natural light studios that are available for rent by the hour. I have a list of my favorites for my clients to check out. Another great resource is Peerspace or Home Studio List.

What Dallas makeup artists do you recommend?

I have some favorites in the are for sure. Once you book your session, I’ll send you my list of favorite makeup artists!

When is the best time of year for a brand photoshoot?

The short answer is – whenever you’re in need of brand photos. But really, since most often brand sessions take place indoors, any time of year works great.

Things to consider:

Time of day – winter days will have less daylight and will need to start earlier in the day

Weather – if you want to shoot outdoors, consider that Dallas has brutally hot summers and no one looks good sweating in photos!

Where can we shoot outdoors?

There are a number of locations where we can shoot outdoors in the Dallas area. From parks to downtown areas to other outdoor spaces. The most important factor is that it makes sense for your brand. Another thing to consider: does the outdoor location require permits of any kind.

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6 questions to ask a branding photographer

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  2. […] 6 Important Questions to Ask a Branding Photographer […]

  3. […] 6 Important Questions to Ask a Branding Photographer […]

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