7 Tips for your Personal Branding Shoot

When you’re preparing for your personal branding shoot, it can be overwhelming to think about what to wear,  all your props, and details beforehand! I wanted to create a simple checklist to make it easier for you.

How to prepare for your personal branding shoot

Before your personal branding shoot, I’ll send you a questionnaire to get you thinking all about your brand and how to represent it visually. We will have a planning call a couple of weeks before your session so that we can review your questionnaire and inspiration board.  We’ll chat about what you want to convey through your photos. 

For quarterly clients, we will chat once a quarter before every brand shoot to chat about what may be needed in the upcoming season – seasonal products, services, different aspects of you and your business, and change of outfits, course!

Here are my top tips to prepare for your personal branding session so that you can make the MOST of your valuable time!!

1. Determine what you want your photos to convey

Blogger Looking at Phone

What are your goals for your personal branding photoshoot? Do you have a product or course launch? Have you recently gone through a rebrand or brand refresh? Do you have any marketing campaigns, website updates, or new products coming up? 

I advise clients to think about headshots, lifestyle photos (so what you do outside of your business), to get some images of your creation process, to share more than just the results. Clients love a behind the scenes look, a “peek behind the curtain”. 

You know who your ideal client is, so keep them in mind as you brainstorm photo ideas for your photoshoot. 

2. Create an inspiration board for your personal branding shoot

I recommend using Pinterest to create a board with your brand colors, patterns, textures, or other pins that you’re attracted to. Pin items that are inspirational or aspirational for your brand. When you share this with me, I can start to envision your brand shoot!

3. Show behind the scenes or you in action

personal branding shoot at computer doing work

If you run a service-based business that works directly with clients, having photos with a client or two is a great idea.  It can be a great way to showcase your process. Be sure to inform your client or whoever will be playing your client to dress accordingly. 

Whether you’re service-based or product-based, it’s a great idea to think about who else you might want to include in your session. Do you have a business partner, spouse, or significant other you want to share on social media? Do you work with a team or with others that you’ll want to include?

Make sure you communicate that you’ll be including additional people so that they can be planned into your session.

4. Get your hair and makeup done for your personal branding shoot

There’s just something magical that happens when you have your hair and makeup professionally done. It helps you feel confident like you have it all together and allows you to focus on the session (instead of smudges or flyaways). I always recommend hair and makeup, whether you have a long session or a short one, I want you to feel your best.

5. Choose your outfits and make sure to try them on

blogger during personal branding shoot in plano, texas at Legacy West

I encourage my clients to think about their brand colors, their ideal client, and their shoot location when choosing outfits. 

Is your brand more subdued and neutral or colorful and vibrant? Is your brand playful or more sophisticated?

Your personal branding photoshoot is a great time to go shopping for clothing and accessories. You want to make sure that your outfits match your brand and aesthetic. You may want to consider a personal styling appointment.

6. Create a prop list and gather them before your session

Think about what props you may want to include for your session. Perhaps you may want to include your laptop, tablet, notebooks, pens, a mug or wine glass, and your products.

You don’t want to forget essential items that you work with every day!

7. Arrive at your photoshoot on time

You’re investing a lot of time and money into getting custom branding photos, so you don’t want to waste any of that time by being late. 

Since you’ve taken all the steps to prepare for your session in advance, you’re setting yourself up for success, and being on time is one of them! (Being on time is especially important if you’re renting space by the hour).

Bonus tip: Relax and have fun!

Your branding shoot day has arrived! You prepared everything, got your hair and makeup done, and have thought about what you want to convey through your photos. All that is left is to relax and have fun! Preparation is key and by completing your questionnaire and chatting with me beforehand, you’ll be ready!

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