How to Look Best During Your Photoshoot

Are you planning a brand photoshoot and wondering how to look best during your photoshoot?

Everyone wants to look their best during their photoshoot. You put in a whole lot of time, planning, effort, and money into your brand photoshoot, that you want to look your absolute best, right?

Here are some tips and tricks on how to look best during your photoshoot.

How to Prepare to Look Best During Your Photoshoot

Planning is key. Your photographer should walk you through their planning workflow, whether that includes a strategy and planning call, Pinterest boards, setting up rental spaces, etc. Please don’t leave the planning for your brand photoshoot for the last minute. Planning is the key to success when it comes to having a great photoshoot and looking your best.

Clear the day. Take the day off of work for your brand photoshoot. It’s the worst to feel rushed and hurried. I often suggest clients plan a nice dinner out following their brand shoot because they’ll be feeling and looking great after their photoshoot.

Try on all your outfits prior to your photoshoot. Finally, I recommend trying on all your outfits before your photoshoot. You’ll want to know how everything looks and fits and how you feel in what you’ve chosen. Nothing is worse than bringing an outfit to a shoot that you haven’t tried on, only to realize that you don’t like how it fits. When you don’t feel good in the clothing that you’re in, you won’t feel or look your best during your photoshoot.

how to look best during photoshoot

Things to Make You Look Your Best During Your Photoshoot

Get your hair & makeup done. If there’s one thing that you can do to pretty much guarantee that you’ll look best during your photoshoot, it’s to book a professional makeup artist. Bonus if you get your hair done too. Not having to worry about your hair and makeup will take so much stress off of yourself. I recommend having photos of what you’d like your makeup to look like so the artist has something to reference. It makes it easier than just a verbal description.

Get a manicure. If you’ve got time, get a manicure. That last bit of pampering will feel great before your photoshoot. If anything, if you have nail polish that is chipping off, be sure to take any nail polish off prior to your shoot. Particularly if it is a bright shade. If you’re getting a manicure, stick with neutral colors, unless a bright color such as pink is in your branding colors.

Consider whitening your teeth. If you are self conscious about your smile at all, consider getting your teeth whitened, whether with an at-home kit or at your local dentist. Having a great smile can brighten your day and make your feel more confident during your photoshoot.

look best photoshoot

How to Look Your Best During Your Photoshoot

Hire the right photographer. This is key to help you look best during your photoshoot. I think it’s important and often overlooked. You should have good rapport with your photographer. The photographer should put you at ease and you should feel comfortable being yourself with them. Part of these shoots is getting deep into your brand and expressing who you are and what you brand is all about and that’s best facilitated with at photographer you know, like, and trust.

Tell your photographer if you have any areas that you feel less confident about. Whether it’s your midsection, your arms, whatever the case may be, by letting your photographer know, they’ll be conscious of how they pose you so that you feel confident and look your best during your photoshoot.

The Right Mindset to Look Your Best During Your Photoshoot

Come into the photoshoot with the right mindset. If you have to say affirmations before the shoot, practice some gratitude and affirmations. Speak to yourself kindly. You are a beautiful human being doing great things in this world. And you are deserving of this photoshoot. You are worthy to be photographed. I see some clients who get into their own heads.

Remember that people buy from you for your product or service and the transformation they receive through it, NOT HOW YOU LOOK. This is an important one! People are not buying from you because of how you look. People want to experience the transformation that you’re offering. If you bring the experience and transformation, you will deliver for your clientele. So keep that in mind when you do your photoshoot. It’s about the transformation you take your clients through.

In Conclusion

There are tips and tactics to looking your best during your photoshoot. However, most important is your mindset. Remember that your customers and clients purchase from you because of the transformation that you offer them, not the way you look. Of course, you want to look your best, so the tips and planning above will give you the guidelines to have the best preparation for your shoot.

how to look best during your personal branding photoshoot


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