I see this a lot – wedding photographers who are looking into outsourcing their editing asking to see sample edits. I get it, you want to see if I can edit for you, in something similar to your style, without having to really try it out. Don’t worry, I’m not mad at ya! Outsourcing your […]

Outsourcing your editing is a great thing until it’s not. Sometimes, outsourcing your edits can leave a bad taste in your mouth because the experience is less than awesome. Here are the top 3 mistakes photographers make when outsourcing edits: Choosing an editor based only on price They say, “You get what you pay for.” […]

You might be wondering if you’re ready to outsource your editing. Here are five signs you might be ready to outsource your editing. 5 Signs You’re Ready to Outsource your Editing 1. You’re booked for the year and ready to scale. You’ve filled your season with wedding bookings. Yay! That’s awesome. You’ve found yourself turning […]

You’re ready to work with a private photo editor to get you through your busy wedding season. Here are five tips for working with a private photo editor. 1. Provide Anchor Images Anchor images are the photos that you edit before sending your photo shoot or wedding to your private photo editor. Providing these pre-edits […]

You’re ready to start outsourcing your editing, but how do you find a photo editor to work with? Well, you have a couple of options when it comes to photo editors. Big Box Photo Editing or Private Photo Editor What’s the difference? Big Box Photo Editor A big box photo editor is a photo editing […]

What are your favorite podcasts to listen to? As a private photo editor, I like to listen to podcasts so that I have some sound in the background. Podcasts are easier to listen to than turning on Netflix or Hulu (though I do that, too!) Here are my favorite podcasts. I have split them between […]