My Favorite Customer Relationship Manager for Professional Photographers

Looking for a CRM for photographers? Are you a photographer or creative entrepreneur? Let’s talk about it.

Maybe you’re wondering, what’s a CRM? A CRM is short for customer relationship manager. Basically, it’s a solution to managing your leads, clients, invoices, contracts, and calendars. When you get to a certain point in your business, a CRM becomes more and more important to keep things organized. I’d even suggest that as soon as you secure your first paying client, you should setup a CRM.

CRM for photographers creatives

How to Choose a CRM for Photographers

There are a lot of customer relationship managers (CRM) out there now. How do you decide what system to go with?

It’s definitely a cost vs. feature vs. ease of use analysis. Personally, I’d recommend trying out a few as most CRMs have some sort of free trial. While in most cases, you won’t get a totally complete picture of what it’s like to use it, you’ll at least have an idea of the basics. You can also catch a glimpse of their customer service and support team.

You’ll also have to consider how user friendly it is. There are some powerful CRMs out there, but the setup can feel like a foreign language! There are setup experts who offer services that help with this, but keep in mind that it’s typically an investment to get their expertise.

My Favorite CRM for Photographers

The CRM that I recommend to most photographers and creative entrepreneurs is Honeybook. (Yes, that’s an affiliate link – you can try your first 6 months for $1/month! or get 50% off your first year!)

honeybook crm for photographers

Honeybook makes it easy to manage your leads, send proposals, invoices, and contracts to your clients. You can customize everything to your brand colors so that your brand is consistent throughout your client experience. You’ll look and feel more professional too.

I really like that when you email a client through Honeybook, you can see if they have read your email or viewed the documents you have sent them. I love that if your client has multiple payments, Honeybook will send reminder emails (so I don’t have to!). It’s also great that you can have multiple calendars for different types of meetings or sessions.

CRM for photographers creatives

Honeybook’s support team is top notch and whenever I have a question, I can pop it in the box and I’ll get a reply usually the same day. Their help documents are also robust and you can usually search for the answers.

Honeybook recently launched “smart files” which gives your leads and clients a seamless experience of being able to view services, select a package, and then create a proposal, contract, and invoice to move forward. You can also send questionnaires and ask for testimonials and feedback.

Since using Honeybook since early 2021, I’ve seen an increase in revenue and my clients a more elevated experience. I’ve been able to streamline my workflow and remove the stress of wondering if I remembered to send something or email someone.

Want to try Honeybook? I promise having a CRM takes a huge load off of administrative tasks!

CRM for photographers creatives


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