How to Write a Blog Post for Business to Rank Well

So you want to write a blog post for business.

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Why Write a Blog Post for Business?

You may be wondering about writing blog posts for business. It’s important to write blog posts for business so that you can bring a source of traffic to your website. Providing educational blog posts for your clients will help them connect with you on greater scale. Writing blog posts for business is a great strategy.

Google uses words to learn about you and your website. If you only have photos and minimal text, Google won’t really know what you’re about. So it’s important (if you want to rank on Google) to tell Google what your business is about and how you help people. A great way of doing that is with blog posts.

What to Write About for Your Business Blog Post

So you think that writing blog posts is a good idea for your business. Great! But, you may be wondering what you should write about in a blog post for business. There are so many things that you could write about, and of course they should relate to your business and how your business helps people.

Educational posts

Business blog posts are a great platform to educate your audience. You can use your posts to teach your audience the things they need to know or should consider before working with you. You can help them self-select if they would be a good fit for your business through your posts. You can also write posts that educate your audience of the step by step process of working with you so that they know what to expect.

Client Features

If you’re a photographer or creative like a graphic designer, web designer, floral designer, etc, you may want to showcase your clients and the work you did for them. Having client features is a great way to display social proof of the benefits of working with you while also spotlighting a client. It can also be a great way to share local information if you are a location dependent business such as a photographer or dentist or bakery.

Helpful posts

Finally, helpful posts are a great topic for business blog posts. These posts can range from frequently asked questions you receive, hacks that you’ve found helpful for your business (or personal life), or something that someone might Google.

How to Write a Blog Post for Business

At the heart of writing a blog post for business is being helpful to your audience. If someone is going to find your website from Google, the post has to be interesting enough for them to click you link. Your title has to be intriguing enough for them to check it out.

  1. Come up with your topic
  2. Determine your keywords
  3. Write a title that includes your keywords
  4. Outline your post with subheadings
  5. Fill in the topics below the subheadings with keywords
  6. Add at least one image with alt text that includes keyphrase
  7. Add at least one outbound link (link to another website)
  8. Add at least one internal link (link to another blog post or page from your website)
  9. Write at least 300 words, but shoot for at least 500.

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