5 Tips for Choosing Your Senior Portrait Location in Dallas


5 Tips for Choosing Your Senior Portrait Location


senior laughing with hat

When it comes to your senior portrait experience, there are so many things to think about, it can be a little overwhelming. Okay, maybe a lot overwhelming. Have you thought about your senior portrait location?

  • Choosing the right outfits with all of the accessories to complete each look…
  • Deciding on the best way to style your hair and have your makeup done…
  • Selecting the ideal location that not only fits your style, but also fits your personality…

Truth is, the first two are much easier to tackle, as you usually face these tasks on a daily basis. But when it comes to your senior portrait location, it can be more of a daunting task.

5 Tips for Choosing Your Senior Portrait Location

There are several different types of locations to choose from, each offering a variety of options within them. There are a few things for you to keep in mind before choosing:

1. What will you be wearing?
It might seem silly that you would need to know this BEFORE choosing, but I believe that your senior portraits should be an honest reflection of who you are. How you dress is one of the ways you tell the world who you are and your unique fashion sense should be showcased in your images. If you’re a fabulous Fashionista who knows how to rock a pair of heels, you may want to avoid shooting in a tall field of grass – not only will we not see your shoes – you will also have trouble walking. Not that your outfits have to be perfectly matched to your location, but it’s good when they are complimentary.

Think about how you might describe your style and what comes to mind first: urban or nature?

2. When you think about your images, what do you picture?
You’ve likely spent some time on Pinterest, Google and Instagram looking at thousands of senior pictures, which is great! So, what caught your eye? A cool urban location with graffiti, a lush garden with lots of gorgeous color or a simple, wide open field at sunset? If you are drawn to something specific, let’s talk about it!

The beautiful thing about your senior session with me, is that we can customize and tailor it to perfection, just for you.

3. What DON’T you want?
This is just as important as what you do want. If there are certain locations or things you strongly want to avoid, don’t be afraid to tell me! I want to know. If you’re like, “UGH, I hate nature…” we should totally avoid it!

So, what kind of locations are there? Ultimately, there are about 6 types of locations to choose from, each offering something different from the next. To simplify it, I’ve included each of them below with a little description to help you choose the perfect setting for your senior portraits.

4. Time of year

This is actually a big consideration for location! What time of year are we taking your senior portraits? Is it spring or fall or somewhere in between? If you’re wanting beautiful flowers in the background then Spring may be the best time for you. If you’re wanting your session in the Winter, don’t expect there to be too much in bloom at that time of year. The time of year certainly impacts your choice of senior portrait location if you want a certain kind of nature.

5. Types of locations

country senior portraits

Wheat fields, wide open spaces…or maybe orchards and a quaint little barn. The simplicity of this type of location allows your images to remain timeless and nondescript. There are several locations to work with in a country setting, it usually requires a bit of walking. This just might be the quintessential Texas location. Sundresses, shorts, vintage tees, skinny jeans and boots are perfect for this location!

industrial senior portraits

Old warehouses, loading docks and well worn buildings. The raw elements of shooting in an Industrial setting is always very exciting. The contrast between your beautiful self and the rough surroundings is always great. If you’re a little sassy and are looking to make a statement, this is your ideal location. Pretty much anything goes in terms of wardrobe, and make sure to bring a fun dress and a pair of heels.

senior laughing with hat

Sprawling parks, lush gardens, and shining lakes. When working in a Natural setting, the locations are already beautiful, which lends itself well to portraits, especially if you like the blurred background. I suggest bringing at least one outfit you can sit in easily. Heels are about the only thing that can cause headaches, (think sinking into the grass), but other than that, bring whatever your heart desires.

Downtown Fort Worth Senior Photography in a blue dress

Weathered buildings, small towns, old store-fronts and old trucks. You might feel like you’ve stepped back in time when working in a Rustic location. This type of setting is one of my favorites because there is such a great variety of spots to photograph that we can simply explore. In terms of wardrobe, I suggest that mixing it up and bring a little of everything – you never know what we might find.

urban senior pictures

Modern buildings, back alleys, colorful graffiti and bustling city sidewalks. Absolutely perfect for the fashionistas who live for the hustle and bustle of city life. Dresses, flirty skirts, sequin tops and heels should be on your list. Bold, bright colors can really make a statement and will work well with the Concrete Jungle.

Senior Portraits in Bluebonnets North Texas

A little bit of everything, new and old buildings, trees, alleys, open space and everything in-between. This is the perfect location if you are a little indecisive and want a mix of looks for your senior portraits. Bring a variety of looks, as we will be working with a couple different types of locations during your session. Kind of like a best of both worlds type situation!

Once you have an idea of what you’d like for your senior portrait location, let me know and I can send you some suggestions that are available locally. Ultimately, your senior portrait session is YOUR shoot and the location you choose should best reflect you and your personality, so you can’t go wrong with a senior portrait location that speaks to you!

If you want more information about senior pictures in Dallas be sure to contact me! Now is the perfect time to get on the calendar and have the best pick of dates!

If you’re interested in perhaps something different, such as a California senior portrait session, let’s chat! I am in California a few times a year and would love to help you create something truly unique.

Or, if you’re a senior in the San Francisco Bay Area, and you’re wanting something different from the standard cap and gown and yearbook drape photos, let’s go outside the box and plan your perfect photo shoot that you’ll remember for years to come.

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