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Senior Portraits

Senior Photography for ambitious teens.

You're coming up on a huge life milestone. You're preparing to close the chapter of high school life and getting ready for your next adventure. Let's take photos that freeze this moment in time. Just as you are. Right now.

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How We Make Photo Magic Happen

The key to a successful senior portrait shoot it preparation! I know that senior year is super busy and that you've got a lot going on. So to streamline things and make it easy for you, we'll meet on Zoom a few weeks before your shoot to finalize the location, confirm the makeup artist, and help with any wardrobe choices. Texas weather is unpredictable, so we'll put together a rain plan, just in case if we'll be shooting outdoors. 

We'll meet on Zoom to
plan & strategize your photoshoot!

Step one: We plan it.

On the day of your photoshoot, you'll get glammed up by one of my trusted makeup artist referrals. They are complete pros at what they do, and they'll make sure you're camera ready. We'll meet at the chosen location and we'll photograph your senior portrait session. It's always good to have someone there to help hype you up - whether that's your mom, sister, best friend, auntie, or cousin - she'll be there to cheer you on during the shoot and help you with wardrobe changes.

Yep, taking photos should be FUN. And, your shoot day will be!

Step 2: We shoot & have fun!

Following your photoshoot, we'll arrange a time to meet to review and select your photos - this can be either in-person (at your home) or online (on Zoom). You'll choose your favorites and then you can decide how you'd like to use them - whether in graduation announcements, an album, wall art for your parents, or digital copies for you. 

About 2 weeks after your session, you'll get to see your photos!

Step 3: Session Reveal & Product Selection

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Session fee: $350
COLLECTIONS from: $850

- Session fee
- 1 Hour Zoom meeting to plan and strategize 
- Professional hair & makeup
- 2 hour photoshoot
- Up to 2 locations
- Up to 6 outfit changes
- Image reveal session for choosing favorites and product selection

Print and product collections begin at $850

you'll receive:

The Senior Experience

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How Brand Photography Changes Your Business...

— Pauline, Marina's mom

"I love her photos. These photos are so precious to me and how I want to remember this time."

— Gabby

"This photoshoot was everything I hoped for. Catie made it so easy and fun."

Your dancing years are short, but they are some of the most impactful years of your life. I'm so happy that I get to remember this time of my life with these photos. I don't know how far I'll got in my dance career, so I'm glad I've got this moment in time in print.
— Audrey

"Catie helped bring my vision to life. As a dancer, your dancing years are short and I want to remember this time in my life!"

While it's been a long time since I was in high school, I know that high school can be a tricky time of life. You're figuring out what you're good at, realizing what you're not that great at, and all the while, attempting to find out what you should do after you finish high school.

Go to a 4-year college or university? Go to a community college before transferring? Find a specialized program to hone your skills? It's a lot.

But there's one thing I know. Your parents want what's best for you. They want to support you in the best way they know how. Even if you butt heads sometimes, your parents ultimately have your best interest in mind.

I imagine that if they could, they'd keep you around a little longer, but they know that you have to learn to leave the nest.

Let's celebrate this time of your life with a photoshoot that will create photos that you and your parents love. Photos you'll cherish once you set out on your own in the world.

I'm Catie — senior portrait photographer for ambitious teens.

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