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3 Easy Outfit Ideas for Great Brand Photos

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Looking for some easy outfit ideas for your brand photoshoot? I’ve got you covered today.

So you’ve decided to book a brand photoshoot, yay! However, sometimes choosing outfits for any photo session can feel overwhelming, confusing, or just like a lot of work.

Here’s what you should consider when choosing outfits for your branding shoot.

  • Your brand aesthetic – colors, vibe, feeling you want to convey
  • What you love to wear – style, color
  • Your target client – what is relatable and approachable for them

3 Easy Outfit Ideas for Great Brand Photos

Consider your brand aesthetic – what colors are used on your website, social media, marketing collateral, and more. What colors are “so you” that when a friend or client sees that color they might think of you?

You’ll want to choose outfits that you love to wear and that fit well. Nothing is more uncomfortable than getting your photos taken while tugging and readjusting your clothing because it doesn’t fit properly.

Also, you’ll want to consider what you like to wear. If you’re always wearing cute graphic tees (and it’s a part of your brand) then wearing a formal, button down blouse might not make sense.

Finally, think about your target audience. Who are you wanting to attract to your business? Do they care about designer labels? Do they care if you carry a Louis Vuitton or Chanel purse? Do they live in athleisure and totally relate to you wearing leggings all the time?

Everyday Outfit Ideas

Choose an everyday outfit for your branding shoot. What’s an everyday outfit? It’s a look that you would wear everyday – whether that’s working or running errands. It’s a little more dressed up than if you were staying at home all day, but not to the level of business casual.

Think of it as an outfit you might wear to lunch with friends, meeting with a client, or going live to your audience.

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Dressy Outfit Ideas

Next, choose a dressy outfit. Dressy doesn’t have to mean formal. It just means a little more dressed up than what you would wear everyday.

If you’re a speaker, consider what you would wear on stage or in front of a live audience. A dressy outfit might be what you wear to a business event or conference, or perhaps to the evening reception.

Or, if you work primarily from home, don’t regularly meet with anyone, then a dressy outfit may just be business casual. (Hi, it’s me! Haha)

dressy outfit ideas for great brand photos
Dressy outfit ideas for great brand photos

Casual or Cozy Outfits

Finally, choose a casual or cozy outfit. If one of the sets for your branding shoot includes your home or an “at home” type set up, go cozy. This will give your audience a behind the scenes look into the “real” you. Potential clients want to know that you’re human too, and not perfectly coiffed 24/7.

Of course, casual or cozy is up to your personal interpretation. If you’re typically dressed up in business attire all the time, then a casual outfit might be jeans and a top.

Cozy outfit ideas for great brand photos
Casual outfit ideas for great brand photos

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