21 Easy Ways to Use Personal Branding Photos

You just had a branding photoshoot. Now, how do you use your brand photos? I’ll be sharing 21 easy ways to use your personal branding photos.

As entrepreneurs and small businesses, there are so many places where you need to use photography for your business. A successful brand and marketing strategy depends on what, where, and how you use your photos.

Photography showcases your products and services and is the visual representation of your brand. While having enticing copy is an advantage (Google will love you), without strong photos to support those words, even the most amazing marketing campaigns will fall flat. Because guess what, most of the time people don’t read. At least not at first. They skim, look at photos, and hopefully read headlines.

Visual communication is powerful, so learning how to use it effectively is a major asset for business owners. Here is a roundup of 21 different ways you can use your brand photography effectively!

21 Easy Ways to Use Personal Branding Photos

1. Use Personal Branding Photos in Pinterest Pins

Pinterest is a fantastic platform for creatives to post and share imagery with each other. It’s probably the best way to share your expertise and gain clients from essentially cold traffic. People can discover you and your content on Pinterest unlike any other platform. It’s truly a search engine vs. a social platform.

However, because of the volume of images, posts need to stand out in order to be noticed and re-pinned. If your brand images are top-notch, then you can expect to gain traction on Pinterest.

I’m also a major Pinterest fan and it’s my biggest source of website traffic! I definitely credit that to the graphics I make for each blog post to attract readers.

I love using Tailwind for scheduling Pinterest pins. Use my link for your first month free.

how to use your branding photos

2. Use Personal Branding Photos in Blog Posts

Blogs are a great way for engaging your client base and potential client base online. However, no matter how interesting or well-written your posts are, if the post has no images to back up that copy, your reader will lose interest. If you’ve decided to create a blog, make sure the content you put out is appealing for both the eyes and the mind.

3. Use Personal Branding Photos in Website Pop-Ups

Pop-ups grab the attention of users on your website and prompt them to subscribe, or alert them to things like a sale or limited promo code. However, if they are poorly designed, they can feel annoying to your viewer. By using quality imagery and relevant information in your pop-ups, you can ensure that your users stay informed and happy. Pro tip: pop-ups are usually most successful if you offer a freebie or incentive for signing up.

website pop up with branding photos

4. Sales Pages

A great place to use your personal branding photos is on your sales pages. Whether you’re selling a course, a digital product, physical product, service, membership, or coaching (or anything else!), personal branding photos will make all the difference. As the creator, people need to connect with YOU and your content/product/service. People need to want to buy from YOU specifically, and personal branding photos allow for connection.

sales page with brand photos

5. Definitely use Personal Branding Photos on your About Page

Think of your about me page as an opportunity to introduce yourself to your clients or followers. First impressions are everything and in today’s online world, you’ve got about 7 seconds before they click away. The photos you share of your personal brand should reflect your core values and personality.

This is an opportunity to showcase the best qualities of yourself and your brand! A tip is to pick the top 3 words to describe your brand and make sure your “About” photo reflects those qualities.


Facebook business pages still have a place in your marketing. Definitely consider one based on where your target market hangs out online. Having a Facebook business page is very useful as a platform for newly interested clients to become familiar with your brand and find out your contact information. It makes sense to use attractive imagery that communicates the professionalism and purpose of your brand in the cover images and profile photos to create a positive first impression.


Instagram is pretty much a given for both creatives and businesses due to its ability to communicate to an audience with the combination of images and words within each post. It’s the social media platform that lets us really showcase your brand with visual imagery.

It’s a fantastic way to stay connected with your user base and grow your brand’s following. While video is quickly taking over, photos still have their place on Instagram. Make sure to post images that are both visually appealing, relevant to the latest trends and unique to your brand in order to stand to your audience while they are scrolling through their feed and hopefully convert them into customers!

It would also be a great idea to use your personal brand photos for your reels covers. If you’ve jumped into creating reels or have someone helping you create them, you can use personal branding photos as covers to keep your IG page looking cohesive.

8. Use Personal Branding Photos in Ads

Ads like commercials used to be totally out of reach for small and local businesses. However, with social media marketing, Facebook and Instagram ads are powerful in targeting your ideal client. And even if you are creating traditional ads such as print ads, billboards, or flyers, it’s key to use visually strategic imagery that speaks to your ideal customer.

9. LinkedIn

Are you on LinkedIn? In recent years, LinkedIn has become a powerhouse for connecting with people and businesses across the web. Use your personal branding photos for your profile, cover photo, and your posts. Did you know that LinkedIn posts have more staying and sharing power than Facebook or Instagram? It’s also a fantastic platform if you serve other businesses.

10. Business Cards

Business cards are useful for creating a positive first impression, and staying in contact with a new business relationship. Use branding photos and graphics to personalize your company business cards, so that they reflect the professionalism of your business. And they’ll also make the person you handed it to want to hang on to it because it’s that nice!

If you have a virtual business card, be sure to include a photo of you so that your new contact remembers you!

11. Use Personal Branding Photos in Email Marketing

Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your clients and let them know about upcoming events and opportunities. It’s an amazing way of sharing useful information with your clients, a great way of growing your leads (hello useful opt-in!), and nurturing that relationship either before or after a sale.

To ensure that your email newsletters are communicating effectively with your client base, it’s important to include an intriguing headline AND visually stimulating images that will grab the recipient’s attention. You don’t want to send junk to your email list, so give them a reason to open your email!

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12. Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Do you use a CRM or Customer Relationship Manager such as Honeybook or Dubsado? You can use personal branding photos for your forms, guides, and questionnaires to take the personalization a step further.

Need a CRM? I love using Honeybook! You can create contact forms, proposals, invoices, questionnaires, and all correspondence with your client can be housed within Honeybook. Check out Honeybook and get your first year for 50% off.

13.  Brochures & Services Pages

Brochures (printed) and service pages (website) communicate your business offerings to new clients, however, written descriptions are simply not enough. You should definitely use personal branding photos in brochures and service pages to show sample images of your past work and other offerings in order to effectively communicate the type of services you offer.

Need a new website? My website is on Showit and I absolutely love them! I have been a Showit user for over 12 years and seen all the growth and evolution and they have the easiest design software and amazing customer service.

services page using personal branding photos

14.  Welcome and Onboarding Guide

Welcome (or onboarding) guides are a great way to introduce your brand to new clients. A welcome packet could include various marketing materials, brand imagery, and timeline of your service offerings. Your welcome packet could be printed or digital – your photos can be used either way! By including personal branding photos in your welcome packets, you are sure to make an impression on new clients and make them glad they chose you over the competition.

15. Thank You Notes

First impressions are important, but sometimes the impressions you leave with a client you’ve already worked with can be even more critical. Small touches like sending out personalized thank you cards can make an impact, and can increase the chance of a client returning (if your business lends itself to repeat clients). By including brand photography in your thank you cards, you give them an added personalized touch and a professional appearance.

16.  Use Personal Branding Photos in your PRICING GUIDE

Oh pricing guides. Many creative entrepreneurs try to avoid talking pricing. It can feel like an awkward topic, but obviously it’s necessary! A pricing guide is a great way to communicate what you charge, what’s included, and what a client can expect to spend with you. However, it’s not enough to just state the facts and figures. By including brand images of your products or services, clients are able to better compare the costs and benefits, and make an informed decision to book with you.

website services


Getting your business featured in a publication is a powerful marketing strategy, however, you must first create a press release. Magazines and publishers receive tons press releases, so it is important to make sure that yours stands out from the crowd. By including professional branding photos in your press releases, you can be sure that the professionalism of your brand will shine through.

18. Use Personal Branding Photos on Landing Pages

Another great place to use your personal branding photos is on landing pages. Whether if it’s an opt-in for your newsletter, webinar, waitlist, or whatever it may be, add a personal touch with a branding photo. People want to connect with you so that they’ll buy from you, so let them see the expert that you are and why they should learn from or work with you.


Writing a guest blog post is a great way to spread brand awareness within a new audience of people with similar interests. Essentially, when you write a guest blog post, the host blogger is sharing their audience with you, and people who have never heard of you will now get an introduction. However, writing an interesting blog post is not enough to attract new users or clients to your own blog or business. By using personal branding photos or other related photos with the blog post, you are more likely to attract the attention and curiosity of readers.

20.  Use Personal Branding Photos for Features – Online & Print

Being featured in a magazine or online publication is a great way to spread awareness of your brand among your customer base and gain some your brand recogntion. However, where this form of visual marketing is concerned, your brand is only as good as its photos. If getting your business featured in a magazine is your goal, make sure that creating cohesive and strategic brand imagery and product photography is a priority.


For businesses that sell their offerings online, product photography is absolutely key. Visitors only have the images of your products to go by, so using well-styled photos that highlight the best features of your item could mean the difference between a lost customer and a sale.

Well lit product photos make a difference. Well styled product photos make an impact. Don’t underestimate the power of well done product photos. You want potential customers to be able to picture themselves using your product.

Final Thoughts on Where to Use Personal Branding Photos

If you invest in a personal branding photoshoot for your business, you should definitely use personal branding photos every opportunity you get! These photos will show your personality, your brand vibe, and showcase how you can help people achieve a transformation – whether through your services or products.

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21 ways to use personal branding photos

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