personal branding photography
for creative entrepreneurs

Do you feel like creating or finding photos for your website, marketing, and social media is like another full time job? 

So you put it on the back burner until you have more time?
But when was the last time you had more time?

STILL trying to find that perfect photo to share … yet only coming up with another generic stock image?


Your headshot is okay, but you don’t love it.
It takes at least 17 tries to get to a semi-decent selfie.
You’ve run out of ways to crop that pretty (but now overused) stock image.
You just don’t have the bandwidth to take your own photos.


And so your blog and social media platforms are starting to gather dust.

take a day completely to yourself
have a stress free photo shoot experience
create a library of photos for the entire upcoming quarter
no longer scramble to find a decent photo to post or submit
feel confident and excited about your content
maximize your time and save over 100 hours

My promise to you: Give me 3 hours and we’ll create 90 days of visual content you’re excited to share.

How would it feel to...

Because taking action is the one thing that separates the high achievers from everyday people.


a stress-free, time-maximizing photoshoot for your business, so you can finally have a library of branded photos you’re proud to share.

The Signature Brand Shoot

-Planning and prep call: we’ll chat all about your business, your brand, and how you want to be photographed so that your photos truly represent YOU.

-Personal branding questionnaire
: to review your brand, vision, core values, and mission statement

-Stress-free & time-maximizing photoshoot,
so you can stop wasting time on image creation

-90 images for the upcoming quarter,
so you can start building your personalized library of content

-If you sell physical products, we'll create product images for your website and social media.

PLUS, you’ll also get:

Personal branding shoot posing guide
30 days of social media prompts
Digital images with commercial license–so go ahead and use those images everywhere and anywhere! 

Here’s what you get with your Signature Brand Shoot:

Here's how it works:


questionnaire & vision board

brand shoot & gallery delivery

Once you inquire with me, we’ll chat about your business and goals for the shoot! When you’re ready to book, I'll send you the contract and retainer to make it official! 

You'll complete a detailed questionnaire for you to define your brand personality and vision for the shoot. You'll also create a quick Pinterest board to share your visual inspiration with me!

Sessions also available on a quarterly basis at a special rate.

We will meet for your shoot. Give me three hours and we’ll create 90 days of content. Spend the rest of the day strategizing for your biz or getting a massage! Within 10 days of your shoot, you'll receive an email with access to your images, ready to share!

I was amazed at how quickly Catie was able to create imagery for me. I now have an arsenal of photos that are completely custom to me and my brand. Gone are the days of trying to find the perfect stock photo that *might* work for my business. 

This is the first time in months that I had a whole day to myself. I was able to get my hair and makeup done, shoot with Catie, grab lunch with a girlfriend, and still had a solid two hours to plan for the next quarter before jumping back into the chaos at home. 

What others are saying...

Your investment for the
Signature Brand Shoot is

starting at $1497

i'm ready to work smarter!

And just who am I?

I serve busy mom (and fur mom!) business owners like you who are ready for more than another generic stock photo. You’re ready to get in front of the camera to represent your brand with custom images. Your time is limited and stretched paper thin. I promise to make the most of your time and help you build your library of on-brand photos.

As a new mom, wife, and business owner, I get it -- the struggle is TOO real. If you’re looking for a photographer who will make the process simple and painless, respond quickly to your emails, help you plan what to wear and where to shoot, deliver images you’ll love, and encourage you to take a day to yourself (because you deserve it!), I’m your girl!

That’s 100% okay. Most of my clients have not had a brand shoot before working with me. I will help you plan your shoot, so that we make sure to highlight all the important components of your brand. I won’t leave you hanging.

I know it’s a big investment, but don’t forget this is a business investment and it’s also a tax write-off! I have a one-payment option, as well as a three-payment plan. A couple of times a year, I offer bite-sized mini brand shoots for those who need a quick updated or are not yet ready for the full experience.

I hear you. You’re busy. You’ve got all the plates spinning. But if not now, when? Will you ever really have more time? It’s why I recommend you block a day in your busy schedule and reserve it for yourself. We’ll shoot your custom images. Then, when you’re done, I recommend doing something you feel like you don’t ever have time for -- whether that’s planning your social media calendar, mapping out your next launch, or getting that overdue massage. You deserve this time to yourself!

What others have asked...

We will chat all about what to wear and where to shoot during our prep call. I recommend bringing a variety of outfits so that you can have multiple looks (and so your library won’t be 90 photos of you wearing the same outfit!) -- usually something casual, something dressy, something you’d wear to a business event, and your everyday wear -- yes, even if that means yoga pants and your favorite tee.

As far as location, we can shoot indoors, outdoors, in your studio, you can rent a cute Airbnb for the day, borrow your friend’s beautifully styled home, the style is the limit! We want to show you working, behind the scenes, your everyday routine, and more to showcase your brand.

Email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What if i've never had a brand shoot for my business?

yikes! i just don't think i can spend that right now! isn't there a bigger payment plan?

i don't think i have time for this??

what do i wear and where will we shoot?

i have more questions, how can i get in touch?

i'm ready to work smarter!

I'm dedicated to helping creative entrepreneurs and small business owners shine online through custom branded imagery. It makes me so happy to know I've helped a fellow business owner feel confident sharing their photos knowing that their brand has been well captured.



Thanks for reaching out! I will get back to you shortly. In the meantime, check out the blog for helpful tips regarding outsourcing.



Use this to plan your personal branding photo shoot and be sure not to miss a detail!

Download my personal branding checklist!

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