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I'm Catie, a Dallas-based personal branding photographer for creative entrepreneurs. You can expect to find personal branding and business tips.

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The Best Frisco Brand Photographer for Business Coaches

Personal Branding Photography

Are you a Frisco based business owner looking for a Frisco brand photographer?

When you’ve been in business for a couple of years, have established your brand, and know who you want to serve, it’s important to invest back into your business. A great way to invest in your business is with brand photographs.

Brand photos help you showcase who you are, what you do, and how you serve your ideal client in a polished way. While you may share photos that you’ve taken yourself on social media, often, you hit a point when you need something more.

Personal brand photographs are a great way to take your brand to the next level. Increase your credibility, show off your personality (so important for 1:1 services like coaching!), and build trust with your ideal clients.

Sometimes you just want to feel confident in the photos you post online. Especially when they are photos of yourself. Once it’s on the internet, it’s there forever.

Are you ready to invest in your brand with a Frisco brand photographer?

Frisco Brand Photographer Client: Sharon Nissen, Virtual Assistant Coach | The Support Squad

Meet Sharon Nissen, owner of The Support Squad and coach for aspiring virtual assistants. When Sharon contacted me for her branding photos, I was so excited! I had been following Sharon on Instagram for a couple of years at that point. I was thrilled to shoot for her.

Pictured Sharon Nissen The Support Squad | Frisco Brand Photographer Catie Ronquillo

If you’re an aspiring virtual assistant or want to get into more freelance work, be sure to check out The Support Squad and follow Sharon on social media!

Frisco Brand Photographer Shoot Location: Blk Stry Studio

The best natural light studio in Frisco, Texas is hands down Blk Stry Studio. It is conveniently located off of FM 423 and Lebanon Rd in Frisco. In addition to great natural light, the owners also put in a lot of consideration into the decor. They hired an interior designer to create vignettes for photographing.

It is the perfect studio for brand photography, indoor family portrait sessions, and any natural light studio photo projects. It’s also really wonderful because the setups are perfectly styled. You don’t have to have an eye for design. I know I don’t!

The studio takes it up a notch and helps clients feel more confident with a perfectly styled location.

Frisco Brand Photographer Photo Ideas for Online Business Coaches

You can use brand photos in many different ways across your website, social media, marketing, email newsletters, and overall online presence. Headshots, behind the scenes photos, tools of your trade, product launch, and sales page photos are just a handful of uses.


Gone are the days of boring, corporate headshots. Especially when you work in the online space with creative entrepreneurs. Headshots are a great way to introduce yourself to your readers and followers.

Virtual Assistant Coach Sharon Nissen | Frisco Branding Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes

A great way to help potential clients connect with you is to share some behind the scenes photos. Behind the scenes let you give a client a peek “behind the curtain” of what you do and how you help people.

Sharon Nissen The Support Squad Frisco Branding Photographer Shoot

Tools of your Trade

What are the things you use in your business every day? Getting photos of your tools make great stock photos for your own business. This may include podcasting equipment, your computer, any gifts you may send clients, books you love and recommend, and more.

Podcasting Tools | Frisco Brand Photographer Catie Ronquillo

How to Use Photos from Your Frisco Brand Photographer Shoot

Now you may be wondering how you can use your photos from your brand shoot. Here are just a few ideas of how Sharon used her brand photographs.

Lead Magnet

Podcast Promotion Photos

Sales Page Photos

Thinking about booking a personal brand shoot with a Frisco brand photographer?

Check out more information about a personal branding photo shoot!

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