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Have you been in business for a while? Do you feel like you’ve grown out of your current brand? Are you wondering if you’re ready to rebrand? You may be wondering what signs to look for.

In my own business, I’ve been through different iterations of my brand. When I was first starting out as a photographer, I didn’t know much about business at all. I didn’t know anything about branding. I assumed that “branding” was my logo and colors. While your logo is definitely a part of your brand, it’s not the only thing!

My Experience with Branding

When I was first starting out, I rushed into getting a logo because I thought that’s what I should do to be considered a “real” business. I think back to that first logo and it’s humbling. I don’t know what I was thinking! About two to three years into my business, I decided that I had grown out of my first logo and ready for a brand refresh.

I worked with a branding team and they took me through the process of rebranding with deep dives into me as a person, my business, my vision, and the clients I wanted to reach. It was a great introspective exercise to really understand myself as a person and as a business. I loved the results of that brand design.

In the midst of getting that new brand design, I also decided that I wanted to pivot from weddings and into high school senior portraits. I kept and continued on with the logo that the branding team created for me. That brand and logo worked well for me for about seven years.

However, in 2019, I decided to hang up my camera when it came to high school seniors and pivot to personal branding photography. With the change in target client, there was also a change in the visual branding that needed to take place. At the time, I wasn’t really sure about brand photography, but I wanted to at least explore the niche. That being said, I designed a simple logo for myself in Canva — yes, brand designers GASP!

And you know what? My DIY logo served me for a good four years. But at the end of 2023, I came to the conclusion that my brand was ready for more. It was ready for a refresh and I engaged in a rebranding package with my friend, colleague, and collaborator, Natalia Gaitan of Power Up Brand + Design. I’m so excited for the brand image that is coming together.

What does it mean to rebrand?

Are you ready to rebrand? For big companies and small businesses, sometimes a rebrand can mean a complete change. For example, there’s Twitter. That was quickly rebranded to “X” after it was purchased by Elon Musk. There’s Pepsi’s Sierra Mist that was essentially rebranding to “Starry”.

Sometimes, small businesses (so not giant corporations) completely rebrand their business and change their name for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, you may be splitting from a previous partnership. Or, maybe it’s a merging of two companies, and a new name is needed. Other times, the entire business gets an overhaul and you’re starting fresh.

Signs Your Ready to Rebrand (or work with a Pro)

Your branding is inconsistent – if you’re just starting out, it’s pretty normal to have inconsistent branding. That’s because you’re still figuring out what you want your brand to be, who you want to work with, and generally figuring out what you’re doing!

Your branding is outdated – this can happen if you get a logo or branding done and it was a trendy style at the time you got it done. Good, solid, professional branding stands the test of time. However, when I was first starting out I had a trendy logo…for 2009! That was before I knew anything about branding.

Your branding isn’t connecting with your ideal audience anymore – this was the reason that I decided to invest in a brand refresh. While I was booking great clients, I knew that my ideal audience was evolving and I needed brand messaging and brand visuals that would connect better.

What are the types of rebranding?

Brand Refresh – This involves making changes to an existing brand’s visual identity, messaging, or positioning in order to bring it to current design styles, appeal to a new audience, or modernize it. It’s goal is to breathe new life into a brand.

Full Rebrand – is a complete overhaul of a brand’s identity, including changes in logo, name, visual elements, messaging, and many times this includes changing core values and business strategy. This is typically done when a brand wants to make a major change to the business in a variety of ways.

How do you prepare for rebranding?

When you’re a small business, running the show either by yourself or with a small team, preparing for rebranding is really important. Since you are the heart and soul of your business, you’ll need to take time to reflect on your current business. Think about the clients you’ve worked with. Who did you LOVE working with? Who did you NOT ENJOY working with? What is the vision of your business for the next year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years and beyond?

It’s a lot of important, introspective work. This work also includes evaluating your sales numbers, the packages and products that you sell, what your bestsellers are, and what you want to offer in the future.

If you’re planning a complete overhaul of your brand and truly rebranding from the ground up, you’ll need to think about what your mission is, your core values for this new brand, and what you want your business to be able to do for others. What problem is your business solving?

What happens during a rebrand?

When you go into a refreshing your brand or rebranding completely, there are a lot of things that come into play. It’s a really great opportunity to evaluate your current brand and think about how it is serving you OR not serving you in the way that you want anymore.

When you work with a brand design team, they will take your through their signature process of digging deep into your brand, business, and vision for your business. You’ll look at your core values, your mission behind your business, your messaging, and your ideal client profile. These things will lead the direction of the visual aspect of branding your business.

Are you ready to rebrand?

Here’s the thing when it comes to rebranding. You have to be ready for it. And you can even consider this when branding for the first time. Maybe you’re just getting started and don’t yet have the resources to hire a professional. Take this time to figure out who your ideal client is, what your brand message is, what your brand mission and vision are. It’s okay to not have a solid brand when you’re starting out.

However, if you’ve been in business for a few years, you’ve figured out your messaging and your brand voice and your ideal client…it’s time to think about branding. If you’re in this for the long haul, then you need a brand and branding that stands the test of time.

All that being said, I’m super excited to unveil my brand refresh in the coming weeks!

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