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The Best 33 Blog Post Ideas for Business Owners

Business Tips

Are you looking for blog post ideas as a small business owner? Want to share about your business without just saying “buy my stuff!” Here is a list of some great blog post ideas for businesses.

If you are a blogger, or have a blog for your business, you may get writer’s block now and then. If you are stuck on what you should write next I’ve composed a list of share-worthy blog posts that your readers will love! Provide your audience with quality information and they will be sure to return to your blog for more.

Blog Post Ideas for Business Owners

33 Blog Topics for Small Business Owners

1.    Run a contest or giveaway

This is a great way to entice new customers to check out your business because who doesn’t love a chance to win a fun prize?

2.    Write a product review

This is the perfect chance to share your opinion on a product you have tried and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

3.    Write a tutorial

Show how you do what you do. Tutorials are great for teaching your audience and showing your expertise.

4.    Interview someone

This is a great way to introduce your audience to someone new – whether someone influential in your industry or someone who can help them. It’s also great because the person you interviewed may share it with their audience too.

5.    Share your work

Whether you’re a service based business or product based, share your work or products. People need to know how they can work with you!

6.    Share a client story

This is the perfect way to give back to clients by promoting them and also shares the good experience they had with your business.

7.    Share behind the scenes of your business

People love to see real life. I know, we may think “but who cares?”, but I can’t tell you how often I get sucked into watching someones’ Instagram stories that are behind the scenes.

8.    Create a list

Lists are quick and easy ways to write more posts AND they can be helpful for your audience.

9.    Write about your process

This is an excellent post to write about as it provides more detail to those interested in purchasing from you.

10. Share PR or news about your company

A blog is the perfect place to talk about a new product launch, an event you are hosting or any other news related to your business.

11. Publish FAQ post

Answer all of your frequently asked questions. When someone asks you a question, you can direct them to the post! This is a one of many great blog post ideas.

12. Write about what inspires you

Sharing about what inspires you helps your audience get to know you better.

13. Share photos of your workspace

Another great blog posts idea. Everyone loves seeing a workspace, even if it’s just a desk. Let your viewers see where the magic happens!

14. Introduce your team

Allow customers to get know the people behind your business, and highlight your team members. This is great especially if your customer will be served by multiple people.

15. Describe your ideal client

Write a post describing the people or businesses you love to work with and talk a little bit about their values and personality. Ideal clients will be able to connect with the description (or run away!).

16. Share work of influential people

Sharing the work of influential people in your industry is a great way to start a relationship with someone you admire while also helping them reach a wider audience.

17. Share client testimonials

Kind testimonials are helpful at reassuring a potential customer to purchase from you. Definitely start sharing all the positive comments you receive!

18. Write why you got started in your industry

This is an opportunity to share a personal side to your business, and a chance to infuse passion and your purpose into your blog post.

19. Share helpful articles

People love to learn and improve their lives, and by sharing helpful articles you are assisting your audience to do just that.

20. Share about your life

Share a personal experience or life event that your audience can relate to.

21. Create a timeline for big business events

Create a nicely designed graphic that highlights big events in your business such as when you launched, moved offices, expanded your team, etc.

22. Share what you’ve learned from being in business

This type of post is useful and interesting because you are sharing the hard lessons you’ve learned which will help other people from making similar mistakes.

23. Share the tools you use in business

This is great if your audience wants to learn from you so they can see everything you use to run your business. It’s also an opportunity to share your favorite products and software and use affiliate links if you have them.

24. Review an event you attended

Share your honest experience, what you learned, and who you met. If your review is positive this is a nice way to promote the event and encourage others to go next time.

25. Share your business goals

Sharing your business goals proves to your audience you are working to expand and improve and will entice customers to purchase or work with you.

26. Talk about your logo and branding

Do you have an interesting story behind your logo or something that inspired your branding?

27. Talk about the services you’ve hired & the great experience

If you have worked with a business and received great service and results, share the love with your readers!

28. Talk about an obstacle you’ve overcome in business

Get real with your audience, running a business isn’t an instant overnight success. They will appreciate your honesty and respect the work you put in to overcome the obstacle.

29. Share fun facts of you

This is a fun, easy way to put a face to the name of your company and will allow readers to relate to you.

30. Film a video

Videos are great because they are engaging and entertaining! Be authentic and your audience will love it.

31. Share something inspiring

An inspirational quote or story is always uplifting for viewers to read is a great blog post idea.

32. Ask a question

Ask a question to your audience and have them leave answers in the comments. This is a great way to increase engagement and gather insight about your audience for when you decide to launch a new product or service.

33. Host a challenge

Encourage your viewers to take part in a challenge you’ve organized. This is a great way to teach your audience something and have them implement it right away.

Have you posted any of these blog post ideas or topics on your blog recently? Tell me in the comments!

The best 33 blog post ideas for business owners

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