How to Plan an Awesome Brand Shoot For your Business

So you’re ready to have a brand shoot for business. Let’s chat about how to plan an awesome brand shoot for your business!

At some point in your business whether it’s been a few month or a few years, you’re going to need some professional photos of yourself for your social media, website, and marketing. And even as a photographer, it’s a lot easier when someone else can do it for you.

Photoshoots can be both fun and nerve wracking. It’s hard to get in front of the camera and be the subject of a photoshoot. However, with time and practice, it gets a little easier every time.

So here are a few tips, coming from someone who has photographed numerous nervous clients who finished their shoot feeling excited and empowered. Here’s how to plan an awesome brand photoshoot for your business.


Wait, what? I’m a photographer, why am I not telling you to book with me? Because it’s important to find the right photographer for you. I think finding the right mix of personality, style, and empathy is super important. Plus, there’s only one me and I can’t take every client!

When looking for a photographer, make sure you look at their work from a variety of photoshoots and get a feel for their style. Because a brand photoshoot’s purpose is to help you market your business and grow your brand, find a photographer who specializes in brand photography. Also look for testimonials and reviews and make sure that their package is going to give you what it is you need. 

CREATE AN OUTLINE for your Business Brand SHoot

When planning a brand shoot for business, it can be helpful to start with brainstorming what all you want. What is the purpose of getting a brand shoot done?

  • How will the photos be used?
  • On your website, social media, marketing, book cover, billboard, etc?
  • How many images do you need?
  • Landscape, portrait or square orientation?
  • What feeling should the photos convey?
  • What do you want to avoid?

Be as detailed as possible with your vision and share it with your photographer. Your photographer (if they specialize in branding photography) will likely have some process that includes this in their planning. However, it’s helpful to think about these items before booking a shoot.


benefits of personal brand photos

Consider your overall brand messaging when it comes to your brand photos. What is the message you want to convey? What do you want your ideal clients to feel when they see them?

When you hire a photographer who specializes in brand photography – creating these types of images is their specialty.

A brand shoot for business isn’t just all about business. It should include other components of your personal brand. What do you do in your day to day life? Are you a yoga enthusiast? Do you love cooking? Are you an avid reader with a book club? These storylines can be told through your photos in order to showcase a holistic view of you brand.


Your brand photographs should be cohesive with your overall brand. Be sure to share your brand assets (logo, color palette, fonts, etc) with you photographer before you shoot. This will help them plan your photos to be seamless and fit the style of your brand.

If your overall brand vibe is neutral and minimalist, it wouldn’t make sense to wear bright clothing or accessories. Talk to your photographer during the planning stages to make sure that you’re on the same page of your vision for your photos and the look and feel of your brand.


A great way to get started is to search on Pinterest and create a board for your photoshoot. Then pin photos that you like. Photos with poses you like or props that communicate your brand are both great ideas. You don’t need to go overboard, but if there’s a particular look that you love and want to make sure your photographer can create, include that.

As part of my planning process, I have my clients create an inspiration board in Pinterest. Pinterest is FULL of images that you can pin. It’s also the best way to communicate the types of poses, look, and feel for your photos that you want. If you just say “sitting pose” that can mean so many different things. With a photo to explain what you envision, it becomes clear what to create.


The clothes and accessories you wear for your brand photoshoot matter. They should reflect and be on brand. It’s important to consider your outfits and porps in advance. Try on all the outfits you’re considering before your photoshoot to make sure you like the look and fit.

woman sitting writing brand shoot for business

When it comes to props, think again about that story you want your images to tell. What are the tools and supplies you use in your everyday life and business? Perhaps notebooks, pens, glasses, cookies, a laptop, candles etc. Pull these everyday items from home, purchase new, or borrow from a friend.

Choose the right location for your brand shoot for business

You can have your photos taken in all sorts of places. Think about the story you want to tell. Maybe it’s your home, garden, a coffee shop, coworking space, or work studio. Some people even rent out beautiful Airbnb’s when they want the look and feel of “home” without shooting at home.

Another option is natural light studios. These locations offer blank slate and neutral types of spaces that can be styled in the way you want.

Talk to your photographer as well, they often know of great places you can use for shoots. 


It’s likely that your photographer will have a shot list of their own. It can be helpful for you if you have specific types of photos that you’re wanting and needing to have a shot list.

It’s a list of each specific photo you’d like to get on the day. You’ll want to make a note of where you want the particular shot taken, along with in which outfit and what props. This can help you stay organized.

Talk to your photographer during the planning phase to make sure you get all the photos you need. It’s likely that they have their own shot list, too.

Business Brand Shoot MAKEUP AND HAIR

As a photographer, I highly recommend having your hair and makeup done for your brand shoot. If not your hair, your makeup. You’ll feel more confident and less stressed about if you’re wearing enough makeup for the shoot. However, if you’re not the type to get your makeup done or you don’t wear makeup regularly, you can do it yourself.

I will say though, that you have to wear more makeup than usual. It may feel like an uncomfortable amount of makeup. But I promise that with a little more makeup, you won’t look washed out. The camera will wash you out. Proceed as you see fit.

ON THE DAY OF THE Brand SHOOT For Business

On the day of your brand shoot, I recommend taking the day off. Don’t schedule any other work meetings that you’ll need to run off to after your shoot. Your photographer will lead you through posing and make sure you look good. Be sure you eat beforehand and have snacks on hand in case you get hungry. Taking photos while hungry is not fun!

If you have kids, and don’t plan to have them in your shoot, arrange childcare for the day. If you do plan to have your kid(s) in the shoot, we’ll make their part quick so they can get on having fun somewhere else!

Sometimes it can be helpful to have a friend around on the day of the shoot too – having a personal hypewoman/assistant is a great idea especially if you feel a little nervous. They can help you feel more calm and support you by grabbing items or fetching props.


Know that you don’t have to have photos like everyone else. If you’re a coach, you don’t have to have photos that other coaches have. Seek inspiration, but don’t feel obligated to have a certain types of photos. If you’re a graphic designer, you’re photos don’t have to look like other graphic designers.

It’s okay to think outside the box for your brand shoot.

personal brand photography for plano speaker

You don’t have to have a photo behind your laptop sipping on coffee…especially if you don’t drink coffee!

Building a personal brand is truly the only way to stand out from the competition. So build your personal brand and share your quirks and idiosyncracies. Do something different from others in your industry.


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Plan a an awesome brand shoot for your business

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