What to Look for in a Brand Shoot Location

So you’re getting ready for your brand shoot and it’s time to choose a location? Great! This post is for you.

Now, when it comes to choosing a brand shoot location, where you shoot will depend on your photographer. Some photographers have set shooting locations like studios or styled homes. Other photographers help their clients choose a specific location that would best reflect their brand. There’s no right or wrong way.

Some photographers also include the location rental fee in their packages to help their clients book a location. It can be a bit of an overwhelming process if you’ve never planned a photoshoot before.

But that’s why I’m writing this post. To help you with what to look for in a brand shoot location if you’re searching on your own or wondering what goes into choosing a brand photoshoot location.

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What to Look for in a Brand Shoot Location

  • The style and aesthetic – does it work with your own brand’s style and aesthetic. For example, if your brand was modern and editorial, it might not make sense to have a photoshoot at a rustic farmhouse. Or if your brand is warm and inviting, having a photoshoot at an industrial warehouse doesn’t quite align.
  • Lighting – what is the lighting situation? While any professional photographer will be able to walk into a space a create light even in dark spaces, your expectations vs. reality may not align. If you’re unsure if the space has adequate lighting, ask your photographer. Generally speaking, I recommend looking to see if the location has large windows as that will typically have enough natural light.
  • Space – is there adequate space in the location for moving around, posing as needed, and creating vignettes as you envision. Sometimes it can be hard because photos online don’t always accurately represent the space. If possible, go visit the location ahead of time.

Where to Find a Brand Shoot Location

You can check on sites like Peerspace, HomeStudioList, AirBnB (ask the owner if photography is okay).

If you have a friend with an amazing home, that’s always worth an ask. Or, if you have a beautiful home that you’d like to include in your photoshoot, let’s do it. You could even see if a model home could be an option.

Other options are on-location like at a cafe or co-working space. Or if you’re a florist or esthetician, we can certainly do the brand shoot at your studio or workspace.

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How Much Time Should You Book for a Shoot Rental Space

I usually recommend booking one hour more than your session time. For example, if your photoshoot is 3 hours, I recommend booking 4 hours at the space. This will allow for time to load in, setup, and tear down afterwards. Most rental spaces tend to book back to back, so it’s important to have enough time to get in and out with time to spare.

Who Pays for the Location Rental

This will depend on your brand photographer and it varies on a case-by-case basis. Some photographers will include the location rental fee. Others will have the client book the space so they have the freedom to choose the location that they want. Either way, the client pays for the location rental, whether it’s wrapped into the photoshoot fee or paid separately.

Rental fees vary based on location, demographic, and geographic location. For example, a rental space in Los Angeles is going to vary in cost vs a location rental in say South Dakota. But overall, I’d say a good estimate to plan for is about an average of $100-$150 per hour. Some locations will be closer to $75/hour and some can go up to $250+/hour. If you’re able to book an AirBnB or VRBO, then you’d look at booking 2 nights.

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Do You Have to Rent a Location for a Brand Photoshoot

You certainly don’t “have” to rent a location for a branding shoot. However, I’ve found that most people don’t want to shoot in their own homes or their home is not an ideal location. Maybe there’s too much chaos at home, or a home renovation going on, or kids are there. Whatever the case may be, sometimes, photographing in your home is not an option.

This is why I recommend approaching a friend with a beautiful home. They may be able to help you! It’s always worth asking; the worst that happens is that they say no. Another option might be asking a client. For example, if you’re a mobile massage therapist, you could ask a client if you could photograph in their home in exchange for a massage.

Or, if you’re a realtor or know a realtor, maybe someone could get access to a model home or even a listing. Ask for the opportunity, you never know what might happen! Some industries don’t even need to be indoors – for example – a yoga instructor or fitness trainer – those people could do their photoshoots outdoors.

That’s why it’s so important to plan with your photographer to talk through your options and ideas.

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