9 simple steps to create headshots that aren’t boring

Ready to create headshots that aren’t boring?

Headshots don’t have to be boring. Especially if you are a small business who calls all the shots. Corporate headshots are at the mercy of corporate guidelines and that’s perfectly fine. But when you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur, small business owner who makes all the decisions. Choose a personality driven headshot.

In this post, I’ll share easy steps to create headshots that aren’t boring or forgettable.

create headshots that aren't boring

How to create headshots that aren’t boring

First of all, drop the idea that a “headshot” has to be taken on a paper backdrop with your arms crossed over your chest. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, you definitely don’t need to create headshots like this.

Next, you’ll want to find a photographer who is right for you. While you can literally book any photographer who can take a quick headshot for you, there is art and strategy involved.

When you book a branding shoot with me, we will definitely create headshots that fit your business and industry. We’ll make sure that your headshot has personality and expresses the type of feeling you hope your potential client will engage with.

Create Headshots that you love

Professional Headshots Financial advisor for women in plano pear financial

No matter who you hire to create headshots, where you’re going to use them, or why you need to update them, it’s important that you love your headshot. There’s nothing worse than looking at a photo of yourself that you don’t like. It’s even worse when you’ve spent good money on a headshot you can’t stand to look at.

That’s why I make sure my clients see the back of my camera whenever we take headshots and branding photos. I want to make sure we’re on the same page. I always ask if they have any areas they feel less confident about and ensure that I pose them in the most flattering way so that they don’t focus on what they don’t like.

Before your headshot session

1. Consider how and where you’ll use the photos

Where will you be using these headshots? Your website, business cards, marketing materials, and more. Do you need a headshot that is just shoulders up, midsection up, or even 3/4 body? Take these into consideration when planning your shoot.

2. Choose an interesting location

Like I mentioned at the beginning, your headshots do not need to be taken on a paper backdrop. In fact, if you’re a realtor I’d recommend taking your headshots at a model home of a development you like. Or if you’re a dentist, take those headshots in your office setting. If you’re a content creator, you could take headshots pretty much anywhere. Your photographer can offer suggestions and you can do research on sites like PeerSpace and Home Studio List.

3. Consider your clothing

Make sure that whatever you wear, it fits well. If you need something tailored, consider getting it altered for your photos. A little tailoring can make a big difference in your headshots. Also, you’ll want to choose clothing that you feel comfortable in and are part of your typical look.

For example, if you NEVER wear animal prints in your regular wardrobe, don’t create headshots where you’re wearing animal print. It would seem off-brand and out of place.

4. Make a shoot plan with your photographer

Depending on your photographer, you’ll have a certain amount of time to create headshots. Ask them how many outfits (if there are options) you can do in the set amount of time. Make sure to let your photographer know if you need or are looking for a particular style of headshot.

professional headshots for women north dallas

During your headshot session

5. Bring props and products

If the session with your photographer allows, bring props and products to grab a few shots while you’re in front of the camera. If you sell a physical product or have a tagline sign, this is your moment.

6. Get your mind right

Everyone gets nervous in front of the camera, but this is the time to relax and trust the photographer you’ve hired. It’s their job to make it easy and painless to get a new headshot that you love.

7. Get ready to have fun

That’s right, your headshot session should be fun and not torture! If you’ve hired the right photographer for you, then the experience should be fun.

Professional Headshots for Women Plano Texas

8. Follow your photographer’s lead & direction

Your photographer’s job is to take the best headshot of you, in the most flattering poses, and draw out your personality. People connect with people and your headshot is usually their first introduction to you before meeting you in person. Your photographer should put you at ease, direct you, and make it an easy experience.

9. Tell your photographer if you have any areas of concern

It’s important that you tell your photographer if you have any areas of concern before they create headshots for you. While your photographer will know how to take a flattering headshot, they won’t know if you are self-conscious about anything. It’s okay to tell your photographer what you may be worried about. It’s best to be up front with any concerns so that they can address it during the shoot.


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