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Book a Senior Portrait Session – 3 Reasons You Should


Pleasanton Senior Portraits

Do you want to book a senior portrait session? Thinking about it, but not really sure?

Senior year is a big milestone. It’s the final year of high school and it’s the last year before you pack up and move to college. You’re on the brink of adulthood. But you’re not quite a grown up either.

One of the traditions of senior year are senior portraits. Depending on where you live in the country, the experience can look very different.

The difference between a yearbook photo and a senior portrait experience

In some areas of the country, the yearbook photo session IS the senior portrait experience.

In other parts of the country, the yearbook photo and the senior portrait experience are two different things. You take the yearbook photo for the yearbook. You book a senior portrait experience for yourself.

In some other areas of the country, you have the ability to use your senior portraits taken with an individual photographer as your yearbook photo.

It really just depends on where you live. There isn’t a standard practice in the United States.

If you haven’t heard about having a separate senior portrait experience from the yearbook photo, you may be wondering why you’d book something outside of the yearbook photo. Why would you take two sets of photos?

Yearbook Photos

Yearbook photos are very standard. You typically take them at school or at the school designated photography studio at an assigned time during the summer before senior year . You are provided with what to wear (usually a drape for girls and a fake tux for guys), you sit in front of the same backdrop (typically a grey or blue color), and it takes all of 5 minutes. There’s no personalization. Everyone looks the same. Your packages are fairly standard with a mix of different sized prints. You might stand out if you get your hair and makeup done, but really, if you’re only getting your photo taken for five to ten minutes, is it worth spending that extra money?

Senior Portrait Experience

Senior portraits taken with a boutique photographer are much different from the yearbook photos. What sets a senior portrait experience apart from the standard yearbook photos is that it is a personalized session that includes multiple outfits and a custom selected location that best represents the senior. You could choose an urban location or a nature setting. You could go to your city’s downtown area or out to your private residence if you happen to live on a lot of land. You can wear all the outfits you want and everything is tailored to you, your hobbies, and personality. Senior portraits are booked anytime from the end of the junior year all the way through senior year, depending on if yearbook deadline matter or not. You’re also able to order custom products beyond prints such as albums, canvas, magazines, and other unique photo products.


The Difference between yearbook photo and senior portrait experience

So there you have it. The difference between yearbook photos and senior portrait experiences.

Why Should You Book a Senior Portrait Experience?

If you’re looking for a customized experience where you get to decide your location, outfits, timing and products, then a senior portrait experience is definitely for you. You just can’t achieve the same kind of photo shoot experience with your school assigned photographer. In many cases, the photographer taking those photos isn’t even that engaged or invested in the experience. They are there to click a button and get through the roster of students.

Senior year is a milestone year you should celebrate. It’s usually the last year that you’ll be living at home under your parents’ roof. It’s the last year that you’ll be able to hang out with all your friend whenever you like. It’s your first and last prom. It’s the last step before college and new experiences and opportunities! In fact, the next time that you’ll be photographed professionally will most likely be your wedding!

I offer custom senior portrait experiences for both senior girls and guys. Sessions for girls include professional hair and makeup. Sessions for guys are quick and easy.

To find out more about senior portrait sessions, click here. 

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