The Best Types of Brand Photos for Your Team

Team brand photos are more important than ever. Especially in today’s world where AI generated content is on the rise. These photos don’t just capture what your team looks like—they tell the story of who you are and what your company stands for. Whether you’re updating your website, posting on social media, or creating marketing materials, the right team photos can make a big difference in how people see your brand. At the end of the day, people like to do business with people. Let future customers get to know your company and the team they’ll be working with.

In this post, we’ll look at the best types of team photos to show off your unique workplace and connect with your audience. From casual photos to professional headshots, these images will help you highlight the best of your team and make a lasting impression.

Why Brand Photos for Your Team

Brand photos are not just for individuals. They are for teams and companies as well. In fact, if you have a team working with you and you’ve grown beyond being the main face of the business, it’s important to let your future clients know who they’ll work with.

I think oftentimes, brand photography seems to be focused on personal brands, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and one-person type of operations. And while brand photography is absolutely crucial for those businesses, teams and companies need brand photos too!

Gone are the days when just a single headshot and some stock photos is enough to set your company apart. In fact, I’d argue that if you only use stock photos for your website, you’re leaving money on the table. When you invest in your business, your brand, and your visuals, your future clients will see the value in working with you and your team on an even better level.

The Best Types of Team Brand Photos

1. Team Portraits

brand photos for team - bookkeeping and accounting firm dallas, texas
  • Overview: Group photos of the entire team or specific departments.
  • Purpose: Highlight team unity and give a face to your company. These photos are ideal for “About Us” pages and team introduction sections on your website.
  • Tips: Ensure everyone is included and the photo reflects the team’s energy and camaraderie. Consider both formal and casual setups to showcase different facets of the team.

2. Individual Headshots

  • Overview: Professional photos of each team member.
  • Purpose: Provide a personal touch and help clients and customers connect with the individuals they interact with.
  • Tips: Use consistent backgrounds and lighting to maintain a uniform look. Encourage team members to express their personality through their poses and attire.

3. Candid Shots

brand photos for teams bookkeeping and accounting firm dallas, texas
  • Overview: Natural, unposed photos capturing team members at work.
  • Purpose: Showcase authenticity and give an inside look into daily operations and the company culture.
  • Tips: Capture moments of collaboration, brainstorming sessions, and interactions that reflect the work environment and team spirit.

4. Action Shots – Brand Photos for Teams

brand photography for teams - accounting firm dallas, texas
  • Overview: Photos of team members actively engaged in their roles.
  • Purpose: Demonstrate the expertise and energy of your team in action. These photos can highlight skills, processes, and work dynamics.
  • Tips: Focus on a variety of activities related to your business. Capture moments of focus, teamwork, and even fun during tasks.

5. Behind-the-Scenes Team Brand Photos

brand photography for companies - beyond headshots - accounting firm dallas, texas
  • Overview: Images that reveal what happens behind the scenes of your business.
  • Purpose: Build transparency and show the human side of your company. These photos can make your brand more relatable and trustworthy.
  • Tips: Include preparations for events, product development processes, and informal moments to give a full picture of your company’s operations.

6. Office and Workspace Shots

team brand photos for bookkeeping and accounting firm
  • Overview: Photos that showcase the company’s office or work environment.
  • Purpose: Give clients and potential employees a sense of where and how the team works. It reflects the company’s culture and environment.
  • Tips: Highlight clean, organized, and inviting spaces. Show areas where team interactions and creative processes take place.

7. Event Coverage & Celebration Photos for Teams

celebration team brand photo - accounting firm anniversary
  • Overview: Photos of the team participating in company events, workshops, or industry conferences.
  • Purpose: Highlight team involvement and engagement with the wider community or industry.
  • Tips: Capture both formal and informal moments, including networking, presentations, and team bonding activities.

8. Client Interaction Brand Photos

  • Overview: Photos depicting the team working with clients or customers.
  • Purpose: Illustrate the company’s commitment to customer service and relationships. It highlights real-world interactions and builds credibility.
  • Tips: Show positive, engaging interactions. Include diverse scenarios, from meetings to project collaborations, to reflect the range of client relationships.

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