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Read This: 25 Things Every Woman Needs to Know


It’s interesting what you find randomly on the internet. Or not so randomly. When friends share links on Facebook or Twitter and you dive deeper and deeper with interest. That’s what happened when I stumbled upon Hannah Brencher’s blog. I had heard about Hannah through fellow photographer friend, Mary, but I hadn’t really explored her work. Then, this link was shared in a few of the social media outlets I frequent: 25 Things Every Woman Needs to Know. And now, I totally wish that I knew Hannah. Her writing just makes you want to be her friend. At least for me it does.

If you’re a woman – of any age – but especially to all my high school seniors, read Hannah’s post. I wish I had read something like this when I was a teenager.

Hannah Brencher

Stop what you’re doing now. Go read this. You’ll thank me later.

Hannah also founded the More Love Letters movement. Because the world needs more Love Letters. Go check it out. It’s amazing.

Write More Love Letters

This reminds me of when I would write letters to my friend who was serving in the Peace Corps in Kazakhstan and I was studying abroad in France. It was so fun to receive her letters and write them back to her.  Now I want to run out and get some pretty stationery and write letters to my friends. I think I’ll go do that. There’s something amazing about a handwritten letter that just doesn’t compare to an e-mail or text message.


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