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My First Hockey Game


He texted me on Monday afternoon saying, “You have anything going on tonight?? I was given some hockey tickets. Do you want to go? Good tickets :)”

And at first, I was thinking, “I don’t really want to go to a hockey game.” I had things to do. Like go to the grocery store. And cook dinner. And watch How I Met Your Mother. The important things in life, right?  But then, I thought about it again, and I had never been to a hockey game before, let alone an NHL game. And my husband was asking me to the game. So why not?

Life is too short to say no to new adventures.

Life is too short to say no to date night on Monday.

So we went. And gosh, everything I know about hockey comes from The Mighty Ducks movies (Flying V, anyone? Triple Deke?), and the seats Cent was given were great. We felt spoiled to be in the 200 section…the “Platinum” section. And randomly, the people sitting in front of us spotted Geraldo Rivera in the owner’s section box. Random.

I still pretty much don’t understand much about hockey – like the fights that break out – but it was pretty cool to go. Both figuratively and literally – it was chilly!

My First Hockey Game - Dallas Stars

This impromptu date night reminded me to live more each day. Groceries can wait. (Most of the time).

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  1. Lori JPhotography says:


  2. Maria B. Smith says:

    haha, I think you know more about hockey than I do!

  3. Anna Morgan Dobrenski says:

    Super cute self portrait of you two! Glad the grocery store waited : ).

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