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Jen | Highland Park Senior Portraits | Class of 2015


What a whirlwind! Sunday was our Class of 2016 Senior Spokesmodel Magazine Shoot! It was so much fun and I can’t wait to go through and edit all the photos.

Today I’m sharing Jen’s senior portrait session from this Fall.

Highland Park Senior Portraits Dallas

We went to a park in Dallas for Jen’s senior photos. I love this park because it has a lot of different areas to photograph that give it different looks all in one location. There are some bridges and even a little tunnel that gives some cement texture. Such a fun location for Highland Park senior portraits.
Highland Park Senior Portraits Dallas

One of the questions clients also ask is about their outfits. Sometimes they ask, “What if I’m just a simple girls who is not a fashionista?”  No problem! In fact, I would say that most of my clients would not consider themselves fashionistas at all. I always recommend that you wear what makes you feel comfortable, but also stepping it up to perhaps something dressier that you might not wear all the time.
Highland Park Senior Portraits Dallas

If you don’t wear a ton of dresses or skirts, it’s totally okay. Jen said that she is a simple girl with simple style. She wore one dress and the rest of her outfits were sweaters and tops paired with jeans. For me, that’s perfect because it allows you to feel like you.
Highland Park Senior Portraits Dallas
Highland Park Senior Portraits Dallas

For the second part of Jen’s shoot we went out to Knox Street which is great if you’re looking for both nature and urban locations for your shoot. There are lots of great textures on Knox Street and if you go all the way down, you’ll hit the Katy Trail. Just watch out for the cyclists and runners!
Highland Park Senior Portraits Dallas

I always suggest that clients bring some dressy looks and some casual looks and Jen did just that. It’s quite easy to dress up jeans as well as make them more casual. I’m loving her blazer and button up shirt as well as the hoodie and military jacket. Great looks!

Highland Park Senior Portraits Dallas
Highland Park Senior Portraits Dallas

To truly personalize your shoot, bring personal items that have a great story. Jen brought this San Francisco Giants hat that her dad wore when she was born! It was a fun full circle tribute to her dad in her senior pictures.
Highland Park Senior Portraits Dallas

Congratulations, Jen! You have an amazing future ahead of you!

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