Couch to 5k Chronicles: Week 1 Catie Ronquillo Photography


Couch to 5k Chronicles: Week 1


Catie's Couch to 5k Chronicle

Yep. This is the start of my Couch to 5k Chronicles.

So, I’m not a runner. At all. My idea of running is running away from zombies, from wild animals, from crazy people.

Basically, I don’t believe that running is for fun.

My best friend in high school was on the cross country team and loved it. I thought she was crazy! Haha. Actually, more power to her for loving it! I used to see the cross country team do their conditioning after school and run up the giant hill behind our high school and I thought, “Ummm no thanks.”

I remember the fitness test we had to do at the start of PE class, which included the mile run. I dreaded it the most!

So fast forward several years and has anything changed? Not really! I’m still not a runner.

However, a couple months ago I had this thought. I have a friend who has run in almost all of the Disneyland half marathons. I would look at her race photos on Facebook, and thought that the race actually looked fun. There seemed to be stops along the way to take photos with characters. It just sounded fun.

While I’m not a runner, I thought about the 5k. That seemed doable. I could train for that. And a few years ago I even attempted the Couck to 5k. I think I got to week 4 before giving up.

Catie's Couch to 5k Chronicle

I asked my sister what she thought about signing up for the 5k during the Tinkerbell Half Marathon weekend. She said she would do it with me. So we signed up!

And now we have to do it.

Because I like a challenge (even if I hate the tasks! haha) I signed up for the Color Run here in Dallas at the end of March. I know that the Color Run won’t be a super strict race…and more of a party, but I still need to run!

I started the Couch to 5k training program today since it’s an 8 week program and we’re just at eight weeks from the last weekend of March! Crazy!

Catie's Couch to 5k Week 1

I figured I could chronicle my running adventures here on the blog to help keep me even more accountable. I don’t have goals to finish the race at record speed or anything like that. I simply want to be able to finish the race before they send out the golf carts to pick you up! I hope you stay tuned for my Couch to 5k Chronicles!

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