The Best Women’s Networking Groups in Dallas, Texas

Are you looking for women’s networking groups in Dallas, Texas?

Networking is probably one of the most underrated ways to finding new clients, especially in a world that is dominated by social media marketing. But especially in post-pandemic life, people crave to meet other people in person.

And for an introvert, networking can feel scary or intimidating, however, it doesn’t have to be. One of the best ways to find new clients and customers is networking! And if you’re a local business (like a photographer or anyone with a physical storefront) you want to be meeting people in your local area. These are your customer and referral base!

women's networking groups in dallas

Here are some of the best women’s networking groups in Dallas, Texas.

Best Women’s Networking Groups in Dallas, Texas

Dallas Women’s Networking

eWomen Network Dallas

Fem City Dallas

Dallas Professional Women

DFW Latina Society

Ellevate Network DFW


McKinney Women Entrepreneurs

Women’s Alliance of McKinney

Women’s Council of Entrepreneurs

Plano Chamber of Commerce – Women’s Division

Prosper Ladies in Leadership

Women’s Business Group Frisco

Frisco Women

McKinney Babes in Business

Prosper/Celina Babes in Business


Be Prepared

I remember when I attended my very first networking event for photographers. At the time, I couldn’t even feel like I could call myself a photographer. But I was so hungry to learn about photography and running a business, that I pushed myself way out of my comfort zone and attended these events.

I remember another (clearly very experienced) photographer ask me for my business card and I looked at him sheepishly and admitted I didn’t have one. From that day, I was determined to be prepared when going to networking events. And now with QR codes and tap technology on phones, you don’t even need physical business cards anymore!

Listen More than you Speak

Dale Carnegie said that you can get further by being genuinely interested in two other people instead of trying to get two hundred people interested in you. And it’s true! At networking events, people love to hear themselves talk. Which is actually great if you’re an introvert or just on the quieter side. You can be an active listener. And you can read the room and see who would be good to get to know more after the networking event is over.

Be Interested in Other people

Like I mentioned above, be interested in other people. Don’t make networking all about you. Have you ever been to a networking event where someone just constantly dominated a conversation? After a while, that kind of personality can just be exhausting to be around for an introvert (I’m speaking from experience!) but take the opportunity to meet new people, be interested in what they have to say, and then follow up later.

Feel free to excuse yourself

So, as related to the type of person that hogs a conversation, it’s okay to excuse yourself. A great excuse to leave a conversation is that you have to go to the restroom. I’ve been essentially stuck in conversations with people and didn’t know how to remove myself from the situation. But over the years, I’ve learned that it’s okay to excuse yourself. You don’t have to be stuck talking to the same person all night, unless you genuinely want to.

Follow Up with the people You liked

This is where the “magic” of networking lives. It’s great to get visibility for your business by attending a networking event, but what is the point if you only ever stay surface level? Some of my best business relationships and friendships have blossomed through following up and getting to know the other person more. But only follow up with people that you clicked with. It’s really awkward if you try to force yourself into meeting something that you would never want to see again…

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