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Audrey | Winspear Opera House Senior Portraits


Dark clouds hung in the sky, looking like a big storm was brewing. It was one of those times when it seemed that a postponement or reschedule was inevitable. However, by afternoon, it still had not started to rain. Furiously, I checked the forecast on and it said that there was an 60-80% chance of rain. I checked with Audrey and her mom if they wanted to go forward with the shoot and they said yes.

Who knew that the weather would be the most stressful part of my job? Or rather, needing to predict it. Since the client was willing to still shoot, in spite of the looming storm clouds, I was game too. I whispered a little prayer that the rain would hold out until after her shoot.

And guess what? It never rained that day. In fact, the sun came out and the weather was perfect. Prayer answered!

Dallas Arts District Senior Portraits

We shot Audrey’s¬†Winspear Opera House senior portraits in the Dallas Arts District, which provides a nice mix of modern architecture with a touch of greenery, while also having a nice city vibe.

Dallas Arts District Senior Portraits, long purple dressDallas Arts District Senior PortraitsPurple maxi dress for Dallas Arts District Senior Portraits

Audrey is headed to Texas Tech University in the Fall.

Dallas Arts District Senior PortraitsDallas Arts District Senior PortraitsDallas Arts District Senior PortraitsDallas Arts District Senior PortraitsAmethyst Necklace, lavender pants, Dallas Arts District Senior Portraits

I’ve kind of decided that if I were to do life over, and wanted a job where I was expected to predict something, but it was totally okay to get it wrong 50% of the time, then I would look into meteorology. Even if they predict the weather incorrectly, they still keep their jobs, ha!

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