What to Wear for Senior Portraits in Dallas


What to Wear for Senior Portraits

What to Wear

The question I get asked the most by clients when it comes to senior portraits is “What do I wear for my senior portraits?”

It’s one of my favorite parts of photographing senior portraits for girls, helping them choose outfits!

Growing up, I went to a small Catholic grade school where we wore uniforms everyday – which is a blessing and curse…you never have to think about what to wear and you never have to think about what to wear, and when you do…it’s so overwhelming! At the Catholic high school I attended, we had a pretty strict dress code, but no uniforms. And to me, it was super tricky about what to wear. By the time I got to college, I was so excited that I had the freedom to wear anything I wanted.

Now after years of freedom to choosing what to wear, I love helping my clients choose their outfits for their senior portraits. I want you to feel beautiful and confident during your senior portrait session. I know that it can be a daunting task to choose an outfit (or six!) because you may not know if it going to look good on camera. That’s where planning your session gets fun! After you book your session, we will have a wardrobe styling consultation. I can come over to your home and we can shop your closet! You can pull out all your favorite outfits and I’ll help you decide what will look best in front of the camera.

Here are some basic tips for what to wear for senior portraits:

– Remember your accessories. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, scarves, hats, even sunglasses, are all welcome!
– Wear layers – a dress layered with a cardigan, a necklace, and maybe a scarf, you can get multiple looks by switching up the layers
– Color is a good thing. It’s what can make your photos pop. If you’re unsure, just ask me!
– 3-4 outfits is a good rule of thumb: one casual jeans, one dressy, one casual dress/skirt, one activity, but you can wear as many outfits as you can fit into your session time
– If you don’t know where to start, choose clothing that you are comfortable in – start by bringing an outfit that you love – a favorite pair of jeans and top
– Have a dressy clothing option, whether it’s your favorite dress (or your mom’s!) or what you wear for a special occasion
– Shoes complete the outfit. But don’t forget a pair of sandals or flats for walking between locations
– Prior to your session, treat yourself to a mani & pedi. It’s one of the few things that Photoshop can’t fix. Plus, it’s a great excuse for a little pampering!

Here’s an outfit I put together on Polyvore. I’m loving the Navy & Coral combination.



Coral & Navy

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  1. Donna Rae Morrow says:

    Catie, this is beautiful . From someone who has known you since you OLR days you have ALWAYS been a beautiful young lady, both in and out. Good luck with your photography

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