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Frisco Lifestyle Headshots and Personal Branding Shoot Checklist

Personal Branding Photography

Lifestyle Headshots and Personal Branding Checklist

This post includes the branding shoot checklist that I use when I plan a brand photoshoot for a client. Lucky you, you’re getting a behind the scenes peek at my process!

In case you are wondering, I’m Catie, the personal brand photographer for busy female creative entrepreneurs in the North Dallas area. I provide professional headshots and lifestyle photos in Plano, Frisco, McKinney, and Prosper, Texas.

First things first, I want you to know is a brand photo shoot’s sole purpose isn’t to just capture beautiful photos. There is a strategy behind the visuals.

Personal Branding Shoot Checklist

The goal of a brand photoshoot is to help a business stand out and thrive in its niche, to enhance its brand presence, and communicate its story. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And that couldn’t be truer when it comes to brand photos. Brand photos combined with the right words is a powerful form of marketing.

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Stick to the color palette you have chosen for your business and use those 3-5 colors in your brand photos. By doing so, your branding will be consistent and cohesive.

For example, your color palette might have a dusty blue and neutrals. You’ll want to incorporate these brand colors into your outfit choices, the props, and even the location.

By using the same color palette consistently, your brand and style will become recognizable to your audience.

Personal Branding photo with business colors


Showing behind the scenes of what a business does humanizes the company. It also highlights a business’s expertise in the field. These can be photos of you gathering inspiration, working on location, packaging products, and more. Since the creative process is different for each business, this will also set you apart in your niche.

working on sermon bible study

For example, if you’re a web designer, think about how you spend most of your time working. You may spend most of your time behind the computer, right? But what else do you do?

You may style flatlays for stock photos. Perhaps you create mood boards for clients. You may conduct your consultations online. You may get out of the office and network at the local coffee shop. No matter how you spend most of your time at work, let’s capture that.

Faith & Fertility Blogger writing and studying the bible. Branding Shoot Checklist Ideas.


Even if you hate having your picture taken, we need to see photos of YOU in your brand photos! A professional headshot stands out on social media. A lifestyle headshot is an approachable way to introduce yourself on your website.

While some people don’t love having their photos taken, it’s important to be in your photos. People connect with other people. There is research supporting that users on Instagram tend to engage with photos of people way more than a photo without a person.

A beautiful headshot is important. You’ll use one for your social profile photos, your website about page, and in media packets. A personable headshot will help set you apart.

Caroline Harried Moms in the Making Founder


You’ll want your unique voice and personality to translate through the copy you write and your brand photography.

Are you bubbly, confident and super girly?

Or a thoughtful and reserved analytic type?

When you read these descriptions, you’ll think of completely different people, right? It’s important that your lifestyle headshots and branded photos show your true personality.

Authenticity connects businesses with buyers. Nobody wants to see a business one way online, only to find out that they are completely different in person. It’s important to always remain consistent in your brand.

You don’t want to try to be someone you’re not. People will be able to tell the difference in how to present your brand online versus how you are in person. Keep it 100% real all the time, your audience will love you for your transparency!

Caroline Harries Moms in the Making Leader


Traditional product photographs are necessary for businesses that sell a product. You know the kind: white background, crisp, bright photos. But, let’s be real, these photos don’t present your product in a desirable manner or build your brand image.

So when you’re planning your brand photoshoot, make sure to style your products in a lifestyle setting, and make them look irresistible! Product images for your website should pique a viewer’s interest! These are the photos that will entice your audience to buy.

Worth the Wait baby onesie Moms in the Making Ministry. Branding Shoot checklist ideas.


Take any business course or masterclass, and you’ll see this question time and again. What sets you apart in your industry? How are you different? What is your unique value proposition?

I’ll be honest, this question always makes my palms sweat. I’m guessing it might for you, too. And that’s okay, but it’s super important to know what makes you different. Why should someone choose you over someone else?
If you’re unsure, we can brainstorm during our planning session. We can come up with ways to highlight what sets you apart in your industry in photos.

Moms in the Making Founder Caroline Harries support women going through infertility. Branding Shoot Checklist ideas.


If your product or service isn’t solving a problem in a consumer’s life, then it’s designed to make it more beautiful. Your audience may not necessarily need what you offer, but they need to see the transformation that will experience with your service.

You may be an interior designer, so show before and after photos. Or, you may be an event planner, so show how you streamline the process for clients. Inspire your audience to live more beautiful and creative lives through your brand photography!

Caroline Harries chatting with Moms in the Making Board Member

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Download the branding shoot checklist

Want to make sure you don’t miss a single photo for your personal branding shoot in North Dallas? Download my branding shoot checklist here!

Download the personal branding shoot checklist here

Looking for locations in Frisco for your lifestyle headshots and branding photos? Check out this post!

Are you a Frisco business owner and entrepreneurs looking to update your business headshots and lifestyle photos? Looking to hire a lifestyle photographer near you? Contact me today!

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