Fall 2019 Season Premieres: What to Watch

Are you a fan of TV? Are you watching out for the 2019 Season Premieres?

So if you know me on any level, you know that I watch too much TV. I admit it, I’m a TV junkie. I have been from a young age.

When I was in middle school and high school, I excelled in school. I had top grades. My parents’ friends would often ask “what their secret was”. Did they put a moratorium on TV? Did they lock me up in my room to study?


In fact, I would watch TV and do my homework. Which probably horrifies parents and teachers alike.

In college, back before there were DVRs and streaming, I used to program my VCR for a couple of favorite shows…on VHS tapes! Kids these days won’t ever know the struggle of programming a VCR.

All that to say, I’ve been watching TV for a long time.

So every September, I get really pumped to see when shows are returning and what new shows I may want to check out.

And no, I don’t watch most of these shows live. Thanks to the invention of the DVR and streaming services, I can catch up on shows at my convenience – like while I edit.

Premiere week is here and I’m sharing the shows I’m most excited about watching.

2019 Season Premieres I’m most excited about

This is Us – This is Us is my favorite drama on TV! From the moment I started watching This is Us, with the twists and turns from the beginning, this show captured my heart and I’m stuck like glue to it. Every. Single. Week. They keep you guessing, but in a good way. They tug at your heartstrings and keep you asking for more. It’s gooood!

How to Get Away with Murder – If you didn’t know that Viola Davis was a badass, this show confirms it. She plays Annalise Keating, a defense attorney and law professor, and so far each season has had someone murdered and the season revolves around figuring out who did it and what happened.

Black-ish – We’ve been watching Black-ish from the beginning and it’s one of my favorite family sitcoms on TV. And it’s not just comedy, they address important issues – including social justice, police brutality, racial bias, and more – through a frame that’s relatable and understandable.

Superstore – I didn’t start watching Superstore until last year on Hulu, what a funny show! It takes place in a superstore (thing Walmart) called Cloud Nine, and revolves around the different employees. The end of last season got real fast when they addressed an ICE raid at the store and Mateo, an undocumented Filipino working at Cloud Nine gets taken away in the season finale.

The Good Place – Another show I didn’t watch until it was on Netflix, but now I have to round it out with the final season. Seasons 1-3 are currently streaming on Netflix.

The Resident – This show grabbed my attention when it first premiered. For those who are Gilmore Girls fans, the lead doctor is played by Matt Czuchry who played Logan on GG. The show dives into current healthcare issues – including profit over patients, maternal mortality, and corruption.

Mixed-ish – This is another spin-off of Black-ish (the first spin-off being Grown-ish which is on Freeform), and will tell the story of Tracee Ellis Ross’ character Rainbow, growing up mixed. I’m pretty excited for this show, to see how TV addresses growing up mixed.

The Masked Singer – I remember seeing the promos for The Masked Singer last year. I brushed it off. And then one evening, my husband and I watched it, and although it’s kinda silly, you get sucked in! The premise is that secret celebrities sing in costume. The show keeps their identities secret and covers up their voices. Each week they release clues to help guess who the celebrity is. We got hooked! We wanted to know who was behind the mask!

What shows will you be watching or checking out this season?

Free List of 2019 Fall Season Premieres

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