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Moms, this one is for you. I want to share with you my secrets for a stress free senior portrait session.

Senior portraits are a big deal. They mark the end of an era and the start of a brand new journey.

Your baby is graduating from high school. Your baby is going off to college. You may only see her or hear from her when she needs money or is having a bad day (depends on how homesick she may get those first few weeks of school).

And I love it when moms are involved in their daughter’s senior portrait session. Why? Because it’s just as much a milestone for you as it is for her. You should be a part of the experience. However, sometimes, the excitement and anticipation for the shoot can make things a little stressful.

That’s where I’m coming in to help you!

How to have a stress free senior portrait session

How to have a stress free senior portrait session

Preparation is key. It’s probably something you have told your daughter for years. Well, it’s coming into play for you, too, Mom.

Book her senior portrait session early

I suggest booking your daughter’s senior portrait session at least one month in advance, but highly recommend at least two months. When you have enough time to plan what to wear, decide on any hair style changes, and getting special props or locations secured, you won’t be stressing out with just a few days to plan. You’ll have weeks to get ready.

Discuss outfit ideas three to four weeks before the photo shoot

Part of your session fee includes a wardrobe styling consultation with me. I’ll come to your home and we can “shop” her closet. We’ll pull favorite looks or items of clothing and you can decide if you’d like to purchase additional outfits or items to work with what you already have.

I recommend chatting with your daughter about what she wants to wear. You should also have input, these are photos that you’ll cherish once she moves to college.

Go shopping two to three weeks before the photo shoot

Once you’ve determined what items you may need to complete outfits, or if you just want to go out and find something new, do so in advance of the photo shoot. This will give you time to try on items, decide how you feel about them, exchange or return them, as well as some time to have them tailored, if needed.

Take care of any personal grooming one to two weeks before the photo shoot

Have eyebrow waxing or threading done at least a week in advance of your shoot so that any redness or swelling can subside. If you plan to get your hair cut, do so in advance as well so that your hair can settle into it’s natural state. As far as tanning goes, I generally don’t recommend tanning beds or spray tans. However, if you decide to do either, please do so at least 7-10 days before so that it has time to fade and she doesn’t look orange (thanks spray tans!)

Make sure manicures are neutral and pedicures are fresh

At least two days before the photo shoot, check nails. I recommend neutral polish (light pink, nude, or beige) or a French manicure. I can’t Photoshop chipped nail polish. If she’s going to be wearing open toed shoes, make sure your pedicure is fresh — and nail polish can be any color you’d like.

Get a good night’s sleep the night before: daughters and moms

It’s important for both of you to get a good night’s sleep the night before the photo shoot. Why? Because it makes sure everyone is in a good mood! Just like I can’t Photoshop chipped nail polish, I can’t Photoshop a cranky teenager. And Mom, you should be well rested too.

After your photo shoot, go out to dinner

If you can, I’d recommend you take half a day off. After the photo shoot, this will be an optimal time to grab dinner with your daughter, just the two of you. How often do you spend quality time, just the two of you together? Take advantage of this precious moment!

How to have a stress free senior portrait session

Alright Moms, those are my top tips on how to have a stress free senior portrait session. My portrait sessions are meant to be stress free and fun for both of you. I definitely want to prepare you for success and create photos that you both absolutely love.

She’s only this age once, right?

They say that babies don’t keep. Well, neither do teenagers.

You’ve got a young woman on your hands.

Ready to book your baby girl’s senior portrait session? Click here to contact me for more info!

How to Have a Stress Free Senior Portrait Session


How to have a stress free senior portrait session

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