Have you been wondering what to wear to your senior session?

Spring is officially here and senior portrait season is in full swing. If you’ve been planning your shoot for months, not-so-patiently waiting through the winter months, and still not sure what to wear, here are some tips!

Downtown Dallas Senior Photography in the Arts District and Davis Park Catie Ronquillo Photography

1. Dress like yourself

This may seem obvious, but your senior portrait session is and should be a reflection of you, right now in this time of your life. If you’re not a fashionista, don’t force yourself to dress like one. If you’re not into pinks or pastel colors, you don’t have to wear them. Part of what makes a senior portrait session so special is that it’s about you. So go ahead and dress like you would.

I may suggest however, that you choose a couple of items that are a little more dressy if you prefer dressing SUPER CASUAL. Or, if you love dressing up, choose a couple of things that are more casual. We want you to look back at these photos and think, “Yes! That was so me back in high school” not, “Oh, what was I thinking!”

2. Dress for your skin tone

This is a topic I learned about recently. As someone who is not super into fashion, I didn’t really know that dressing for your skin tone was a thing. Did you know that certain colors compliment certain complexions better than others? When I started paying attention to what colors (in addition to the style of clothing my clients were wearing) it made a huge difference! Certain colors bring out your eye color, and other colors my wash them out. Check out this post for more information about dressing for your skin tone.

country senior portraits

3. Dress for your body type

Along parallel lines of dressing for your skin tone is dressing for your body type. I’m a little more familiar with this concept as it’s a universal fact that women of all ages want to look good and feel good in their clothing. Part of that is dressing for your body type. Not all outfits are created equal. What might look good on a petite girl, may not work out too well on someone who is super tall. Or what looks amazing on someone with curves, may not work well on someone with an athletic build. Check out this post for helpful information about dressing for your body type.

Senior Pictures in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas

4. Dress for the season


Finally, dress for the season. If you’re working with me, we’re in Texas where the weather has a mind of its own and seasons don’t exactly matter. We occasionally get a winter, but most times we just have a lot of warm weather. However, if we schedule your shoot and it’s the Fall, I recommend wearing fall clothes. You may want to sneak in a spring or summer dress, which is totally okay, but you’ll want to be aware of the weather. If it happens to be windy or extra cold, be sure to bring a cute jacket so you don’t freeze to death.

On the flip side, if it’s Spring, you may want to leave your sweaters and scarves at home. I know, I love fall clothes too, but you don’t want to be drenched in sweat trying to re-create a Fall look. If you’re someone who wants to flex her entire wardrobe, let’s definitely chat about doing a Fall session and Spring session!

5 Tips on What to Wear


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