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Me and running? We still ain’t friends.

But that’s okay. I think by the time that I’m done with this program we’ll at least be lukewarm to each other.

This week, training included a five-minute warmup and then two rounds of 1 1/2 minutes of running, 1 1/2 minutes of walking, a 3 minute jog, and a 3 minute walk. So really, it wasn’t all that bad. The worst parts for me were the two stretches of 3 minute jogs. Three minutes can feel like an eternity when you’re waiting for your time to be up!

Couch to 5k App by Active

Don’t let my face fool you. I was just happy to have survived my run. For a non-runner, those few minutes of running can feel killer. Even though I do workout, if given the choice, I would do strength training all day, every day and forego the cardio. Alas, it’s difficult to go and run a 5k (for a non-runner) without any training. I can think of all my friends who are runners who don’t think that a 5k is a big deal…or regularly run 6-7 miles out of leisure. Yeah, that’s not me.

I will be super happy to finish this program in another 6 weeks. I’ll admit that having this app, and virtual boxes to check off my progress keeps me motivated. It’s like a virtual “gold star” when it comes to running.

I took a peek at next week’s schedule and it includes 5 minute stretches of running! (insert shocked emoji) I thought three minutes felt like forever, I can only imagine what five minutes feels like. I know in the grand scheme of things that it’s not a huge deal, but I’m enjoying making it a huge deal.

Have you ever trained for a race? A 5k? A 10k? Or a half-marathon or full marathon?

If I’m being completely honest, I still think running should be reserved for saving your life.

Couch to 5k Chronicles: Week 3


Couch to 5k App by Active

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