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6 Tips to Book Dream Clients by Marketing Your Personal Brand

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book dream clients with a personal brand photographer in dallas

Are you ready to book dream clients? In this post, I’ll be breaking down 6 tips for marketing your personal brand so that you can book more dream clients.

Sometimes when it comes to marketing our personal brands, we overlook what is right in front of us. So today I want to share my top six personal brand marketing tips with you! 

Marketing seems to be the obstacle in front of most business owners. Marketing isn’t just placing a Facebook Ad, posting on Instagram, or getting more eyeballs on what you sell.

Marketing is also the feel or vibe of your personal brand—every single ounce of it.

So when you’re trying to grow your creative business and market your personal brand to attract more dream clients, you have to think with a holistic strategy in mind.

Ready to book your dream clients?

6 Tips for Marketing Your Personal Brand

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I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, you are the secret sauce of your business. You are the thing that differentiates your business from someone else in the same industry. There is only ONE you, so I recommend leaning into your personal brand, as it is the ONLY thing that cannot be taken, duplicated, or recreated in exactly the same way. Your dream clients want to work with YOU.

Tip 1: build an unforgettable brand that sets you apart from the competition

It’s great to find inspiration from your industry idols, but you have to build a brand that stands out from the competition. You don’t want to look like everyone else, or create something that is fake and feels forced, and definitely not one you copied because you think it will get you the results you want.

My biggest piece of advice: be your own kind of weird. Or unique. Or special. Be YOU.

Build a brand that invites connection with your potential clients, makes them say, “I want to work with HER!” This means being you all the time and showing up as yourself in your brand, on social media, and beyond.

Take action: distill your top 3-5 values that you will exude in your personal brand

Tip 2: create an exciting and strategic website that potential dream clients can’t get enough of

Your website should be your main sales tool and it can’t just be nice words, pretty pictures, and good content slapped into a template. Speak directly to your ideal client. Speak to their pain points and problems and how you have their solutions.

It has to be a complete client experience that leads visitors on a journey from the home page straight through to your contact page. Don’t let them get lost!

You should be sharing exactly what your dream clients need to fall in love with you and then lead them directly to booking your services! Considering the strategy behind each page as well as how to convert clients is so important.

Take action: what do you want your dream client to do on your website? (inquire, send an email, etc)

Tip 3: speak directly to your dream clients

What is the message your dream client needs from you? What is it that you want to communicate to them?

Messaging is often an overlooked (or misunderstood) aspect of business. But it’s so important for marketing your business. You don’t just want to work with anyone. You want to work with dream clients.

In our messaging, on our website, and through all types of social media, we choose the tone we set as well as the way our brands are represented. You want to create a connection and a conversion — because the conversion is where the sale is.

Take action: what is the message you want your dream client to understand?

Tip 4: SEO is so important for local businesses to book dream clients

If you take one tip from this whole post and you’re a local business who works with local clients, listen up.

You need to include your location on your website, social media, ads, and more. Please don’t make the mistake of forgetting to add your location. I’ve seen way to many ads for local businesses that don’t have a location on their ad OR their website.

You’re losing customers by making them look for your location…if they are even motivated enough to go searching. If you’re a location dependent business – brick & mortar, service-based to locals, mobile business for locals, please include your location.

Including your location will not only help your SEO, but it will help Google rank you in search results. If Google doesn’t know where you’re located either, how will it find you?

Take action: identify 3-5 keywords you want to rank for (especially important for local business)

Tip 5: don’t forget about blogging!

Blogging is often underrated, but it’s so powerful. The thing is, it’s a slow burn. It is not overnight success. However, blogging is the thing that helped me rise to the top of the Google search for my keywords.

So many creatives think blogging is dead or that you don’t see any return on it. But, that’s just not true. Blogging is alive and well – if done correctly.

I believe your need a homebase for your content. Because what happens if Instagram, TikTok, and future social media platforms disappear? Without your own website or place that YOU OWN, your content over there could vanish if those platforms wanted to.

Blogging also helps with your SEO, helps Google to know that you’re making content regularly, and it’s a great way to point clients to help content you created just for them.

Take action: Identify 12 blog topics (FAQs, client success stories, processes) to post 1 per month

Tip 6: create an elevated client experience that makes it easy for dream clients to book you

You need to provide an experience that makes your clients feel really well taken care of, so they share your name with everyone they know. You can elevate your client experience with brand collateral in all of the right places! Branding every touchpoint and thinking through where you want to pamper clients along their journey with you is where the MAGIC happens.

I love using Honeybook to provide an outstanding branded experience for my clients and potential clients. You can design a workflow that will take them from the first correspondence to my testimonial request after our project has wrapped everything. By having a workflow running, it’s so much less heavy lifting on your part.

I send proposals and contracts, schedule meetings, invoice clients, and have a running to-do list automated by workflows for my business. There is not better option in my opinion! So as my gift to you, check out Honeybook where you too can book clients more efficiently and stay organized.

Take action: review your currently workflow and make adjustments

Marketing Your Personal Brand will Help Attract Dream Clients

When you speak directly to your ideal client, create messaging that is designed for their problems, offer solutions to help them, and deliver on your promise with an amazing experience, that’s how you create a marketing machine.


If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur in the North Dallas area, including FriscoMcKinney, Prosper, Celina, Plano, Little Elm, and more – and you’re looking for a branding shoot with a photographer with a proven planning process in place, I’m ready to chat!

Step 1. Get in Touch – click and contact today

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Step 3. Book your Shoot – if we’re a “match” let’s get you on the schedule and start planning

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