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5 Things You Need to Do the Summer Before College

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Now that applications are all turned in and your decision has been made, there’s still plenty to do the summer before college!

The summer before your first semester of college is a transitional period that serves as a great chunk of time to get things done before going off to school. I got in touch with past clients asked them what they did (or wish they did) the summer between their senior year of high school and their first semester of college.

5 Things You Need to Do the Summer Before College

1. Spend more time with family

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These last couple months before heading off to college may be your last chance to spend quality time with family for a while, especially if you’re moving far away. Think about planning lots of time to hang out with your parents and siblings this summer! Go on a family vacation, take a road trip together, and savor these moments you have left at home.

Take advantage of the long summer days and give special attention to your family—trust me, they might annoy you now, but you’ll miss them when they’re not around all the time.

2. Get moving

Take advantage of your free time and put it toward your health. Work on getting fit for when you arrive at school in the fall. Getting your health in check will in turn make you feel more energetic and more confident—perfect for starting the next chapter in your life!

If you’re new to exercising, it can be a bit overwhelming; but don’t worry! There are tons of easy ways to get into working out. Go for short runs, hikes or bike rides with friends or on your own. If you’re feeling adventurous, turn to YouTube for some great (and free!) workout programs. Consider grabbing a workout DVD, heading to the gym, or taking a class with friends such as yoga or Pure Barre. Before you know it, your workout will be a regular part of your routine—which will come in handy when you’re trying to ward off the Freshman 15…because the struggle is real. I’ve been there. I remember it!

3. Relax

On the other hand, you may feel overworked from your senior year and feel the need to take it easy for a while—which is just as good (and important)! The anticipation of college can be stressful, so be sure to take time to sit back and relax. Check out the books you’ve been wanting to read all year (but haven’t had time) from the library or order them on Amazon. Netflix binge the shows that everyone’s been talking about. Spend time at the pool or in a hammock. Relaxation is the name of the game.

Instead of spending your summer thinking about what’s coming up, clear your mind and enjoy the moment.

4. Hit up favorite hometown spots

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If you’re leaving town for college, you might want to enjoy all those special things your hometown has to offer! Is there a restaurant you’ve been meaning to try or activity you’ve been wanting to do? Now is primetime to check them off your list before you move away.

Gather your best friends and set out to hit up your local favorite spots. Visit your favorite place to hangout, go to your favorite park, and eat at your favorite restaurants. Even if you’ve seen them before, you might not have the chance to visit when you’re gone!

5. Consider your relationship

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While your high school sweetheart may seem like the guy or girl of your dreams right now, chances are things might change in the near future. College is a time full of new experiences, so you might want to start thinking harder about your feelings toward your significant other. If you’re on a rocky road or feel the need to be more independent, this summer might just be the right time to break up.

While it’s definitely not a bad thing to have a boyfriend or girlfriend in college, many freshmen who arrive in long-distance relationships with their hometown love end up regretting it.

College is a time to figure out who you really are, to learn to be yourself (wasn’t that kind of hard in high school?) and determine the next chapter of your life, so breaking things off with a significant other might be the first step in that direction. If you’re hoping to start fresh in college, think about how your current relationship might affect that.

If you’re happy with your current relationship, there are still some things to consider. If you both know you want to stay together, think about preparing for the road ahead. If you’re going to different schools (in different states), think about how you’ll stay in touch. Setting some ground rules will really help start the semester off the right way while still maintaining your relationship.


Well, this is your last summer before college!

Now is the time to wrap up your last moments before college starts! Be sure to take advantage of this time before you head off, and do your summer the right way.


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