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I'm a personal branding photographer and  based in Dallas, Texas. I'll help you create a knockout brand photos and show up confidently online.

Elevate your first impression.
Connect with your ideal clients.

Ready to Grow Your Business But need some Clarity & Support?


You know you need 1:1 support, feedback, and accountability to keep moving forward and reach your goals.

You don't need another course to collect dust, you're tired of rewriting your to do list over and over again, or getting stuck consuming content online for hours from your favorite creators.

You know you’re ready to make an income & impact with your business all while having the freedom that comes from making your own schedule...but you're doing it all.

Are you feeling stuck and overwhelmed with your never-ending to-do list?

tired of the same old, same old? let's change that!

Get expert advice, clarity, and breakthroughs to make massive shifts in your business!

Get Personalized Insight

Build and grow your audience to turn them into loyal readers, clients, and customers

Grow Your Business

Have a clear strategy in place for growing your online business

Gain Clarity

Think About What it would feel like to...

Imagine having a coach in your back pocket on days when you're completely overwhelmed or stuck and just need a sounding board who will listen objectively and offer solutions you were missing.

Ever feel overwhelmed or intimidated to ask a question in a group setting so instead you just stay quiet?

This is your opportunity to ask ALL YOUR QUESTIONS and get real-time feedback.

Introducing Private 1:1 Voxer Business Coaching for photographers.

Your workflow could be better, but you don't know how to get started. We can review your workflow and lay out a plan to get your systems working!

streamline your workflow


I love blogging and believe in the power of SEO. It's a long game though. We can brainstorm topics and talk through SEO keywords and best practices.

blog topics & seo best practices


Need help deciding what softwares to you use in your business? Website, gallery, CRM, email marketing, editing, culling, the list goes on!

software recommendations


You know you need to start an email list but you're stuck. Let's get a list started and possible freebies out into the world so you can start growing your list!

start an email list & create a freebie


I'm a numbers nerd at heart and this is my favorite topic and way to help! Do you need help with your numbers? Want to make sure you're profitable? We can take a deep dive!

audit your pricing for profitability


1:1 Private Voxer Coaching was made for this! Ask all your photography business questions, no holds barred. Get actual answers!

ask all your burning questions


Here's a sample of what we can do together:

You became a photographer to take photos. And as your business began to flourish, it became very clear that there were so many other things you didn't (or haven't had time) to take into consideration. Now you're ready to really get your business in order whether it's launching your website, starting an email list, or improving your SEO and you just need someone to talk you through with actual action steps. Let's do it!

Let's overcome spinning your wheels and get you into action.

sound like a plan?

You don't need an entire 1:1 coaching program but would love focused, individualized support for your business

You're looking for smaller scale, more relaxed support at an affordable price

You want to be able to quickly ask questions on the fly, talk things out, have someone to run ideas by, and get direct feedback without ever having to wait for a coaching call

You're busy and trying to schedule a 30-60 minute call every week is close to impossible. Asynchronous coaching wins!

You just need someone to brainstorm with or a sounding board to make sure your ideas are tracking.

Private 1:1 Voxer Business Coaching is For You If...

sound like something you need?

I get it. Being a business owner is a lot. There are all the decisions... from website provider to camera gear to marketing strategies to pricing structures. Not to mention business finances, taxes, and the idea of paying yourself...because that's why you started your own business, right?! And let's not forget the struggle of making the "right" choice so you don't "mess" up. Listen, my friend, I'm here to help you get out of perfection and into action to move you closer to your goals. 

Let's take you from feeling stuck in your head to taking imperfect action.

You started a business because you love photography and taking people's photos. You love working with your clients, interacting with them, and delivering photos that they absolutely love. But what you don't love? All the decisions that lurk behind the scenes. Making the right business purchases, choosing the right software, and pricing yourself properly and more...

Do you feel like you're constantly spinning your wheels trying to figure out what the next thing you need to do is?

i was just over here wondering...

Private 1:1 Voxer Coaching

let me introduce you to...

Jessica C.

"After one conversation, I gained so much clarity on how to get started the right way, all while taking actual action!

I’m a brand photographer, pricing strategist, entrepreneur, and content marketing expert.

I help online service providers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and coaches grow their audiences online and maximize their profits using powerful content marketing strategies.

With over 12 years of experience in business strategy from running my own business as a photographer, I'm here to help you increase your visibility, streamline your marketing, grow your income, and reach your goals.

Ready to get started?

I'm Catie. Photographer, Strategist, and Business Coach here to help you take things to the next level.

hey there!

Ready to get started?

Wait for your scheduled date to come and we'll get started! 

You'll get access to me for all your business questions and we'll be able to chat back and forth at a relaxed pace during that timeframe.

get the help you need


Next, it's time to get set up on the free Voxer app. You can use it on your mobile device or your computer and we'll be able to chat back and forth through text and voice messaging.

When you get the app, be sure to send me a test message to make sure we're connected!

download voxer


book your session

Book your coaching below. Once you check out, you'll be redirected to my calendar. Then, just choose the day you want to get started with your coaching!

You'll get access to me every week Monday through Friday from 9 am EST to 6 pm CST for the next 3 months or on the day of your choosing!


What are the next steps? Easy peasy.

Sometimes, we all need a friendly kick in the pants and objective perspective when it comes to our businesses. Someone who is not our spouse or partner or best friend or sibling. Instead, you need someone who will offer actual advice and deal it to you straight, because your loved ones don't want to hurt your feelings.

What's standing in your way?

Are you ready?

Have you been questioning if your pricing is right? With this limited time bonus, I'm giving you a complete pricing audit and recommendations for your specific business. If you've wanted someone to give you advice JUST FOR YOU, this is it!

personalized pricing audit // VALUED AT $197

Bonus Three

You've got Honeybook, but you're not using it to its full potential. Come and watch this over-the-shoulder Honeybook Workflow tutorial to get yourself set up and save hours of time!

honeybook workflow tutorial // valued at $97

Bonus Two

Ready for some content marketing but don't know what to write about? I've got you covered with 52 (that's 1 per week) blogging and email marketing topics!

52 blogging & email topics // VALUED AT $27

Bonus One

Psst... Check out these bonuses!

You're looking for a quick fix or someone to give you a cookie cutter plan.

You're not willing to do the work. As they say, you can lead a horse to water...

You're looking for someone to fix your business for you. I'm here to help, but again, this requires YOU.

This is not for you if... 

You're a new or seasoned photographer who needs some personalized clarity in their business

You're coachable - meaning that you're willing to listen to advice and apply it as needed.

Ready to roll up your sleeves. I'm here to give you insight and clarity, but I can't do the work for you.

This is for you if you are... 

This business coaching gives you 1:1 access to me for either a day session or 3 months using voice and text messaging with the Voxer app! 

You'll get access to me from 9 AM to 6 PM EST Monday through Friday throughout the 3 months of your coaching or 9 AM to 6 PM EST on the day you book for your day session. But don't worry, we won't be talking non-stop during that timeframe!

Voxer is a free walkie-talkie app that you can use to send messages back and forth with me 🤩

The beauty of Voxer coaching is that instead of having to wait for a coaching call, you can send questions as they come up, and receive feedback and detailed responses back. You can also take feedback and advice and take time to implement it and report back your results so we can work together on your next move!

Pretty much anything that you want to talk about when it comes to business? Need help with content creation, creating a content calendar, setting up a Showit website, Flodesk sequence, and more. I can help you sort out your pricing, talk through ideas and promotions, the sky is the limit!

The beauty of using Voxer is that it is essentially asynchronous communication. Meaning that if you send a message outside of my office hours, I'll still reply, but it won't be until the next day. If you book a day of coaching, any questions that come in after our time together will require the purchase of an additional day, or you could sign up for a monthly package!

Again, this is what's great about Voxer! You can ask all your questions and get them answered without being on a strict timeline. You'll be able to ask questions within your timezone timing and if it falls outside our time together, it will be answered the next day, or add on an additional day or month of coaching.

If you need more personalized help, you can sign up for an hourly Zoom call, however these calls are much higher price point. And if you need more help than I can offer, then I'd be happy to refer my favorite consultants who can get you where you want to go!

  • Business side of photography
  • Content marketing
  • Pricing
  • Pivoting
  • Blogging & Pinterest
  • Honeybook
  • Flodesk
  • Showit
  • Captions & Content Ideas
  • Promotional Ideas

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frequently asked Questions

There's nothing like being in your head. Trust me I know it all too well. Sometimes, you just need someone to bounce ideas off of and get direct objective advice about something in your business. Sometimes, it's as simple as how to set up an email sequence. 

Whatever the case may be, I'm here to help you get moving!

Stop getting stuck.
Let's get you started.

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