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Warby Parker: Winter Collection

What to Wear

It definitely feels like winter outside today. And that’s a pretty drastic swing in the weather considering that yesterday afternoon it was 70 degrees. Today it hasn’t been warmer than 36. 36 degrees!

In light of it feeling mighty wintery outside, I thought I’d share some of my favorites from Warby Parker’s new Winter Collection.

If I had to wear glasses, I would totally look into Warby Parker. I have a handful of friends who sport Warby Parker glasses, and they all look fantastic. The best part of the process is that they let you try out the frames at home to see what you like best. You can “live” in the glasses to make sure that they work, feel comfortable, and that you really do like them before you buy. I need some glasses, stat!

Warby Parker Winter Collection Catie Ronquillo Collaboration

I love how these frames are simple, yet stylish. The Welty and the Nash are my favorites from the Winter Collection. I could totally picture my sister in the Welty frames in Plum Marblewood. These eyeglasses inspire me to photograph something this winter. Winter is usually the time of year that I spend planning for spring because it’s cold outside (yes, even in Dallas!), but checking this Winter Collection out makes me want to photograph my high school senior clients sporting a cute pair of Warby Parkers! I’m thinking flannel shirt, snow vest, boots, beanie, and glasses. Anyone?Warby Parker Winter Collection Catie Ronquillo Collaboration

Would it be weird if I wanted a pair of Warby Parker frames even if I don’t need glasses?

Warby Parker Winter Collection Catie Ronquillo Collaboration

Check out the Winter Collection and more at Warby Parker. If the time comes that I need some glasses, I’m totally going to try Warby Parker frames.

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  1. Stephanie Ronquillo says:

    You are slightly blind, I think that’s a good enough excuse lol

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