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I can’t believe our trip is almost coming to a close! Seriously, if money was no object, I would spend it exploring the world. I would spend a good amount of time getting to know the local culture, trying new foods, and living life.

If there’s anything that I can tell you, it’s that believe in your dreams and work on making them happen. Every day. The idea of this trip started long ago, pretty soon after we first got married. We had talked about taking the trip in 2012, but unfortunately, we weren’t able to make it happen. But I was determined. I wanted to take a trip with my husband to Europe. With perfect timing (as it always turns out), my friend Laura and her fiance Guillaume were planning their wedding in France. I all but begged her to photograph her wedding. And well, voila, here we are in Europe.

There’s just something about this place. Maybe it’s because we live in Texas where everything is bigger. It’s not just a saying folks. Maybe it’s because I studied abroad in college (seniors, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do it if you have any interest in it!!), but I often have this feeling of needing to travel. To explore. To wander.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, don’t give up on your dreams. This trip has truly been a dream come true. But in order for your dreams to come true, you also need to create some goals, otherwise your dreams? They’ll remain dreams. Even if it’s a small step each day. Move in the direction of your dreams. Write them down. Look at them each day.

While I’m sad that our trip is almost over, I’m excited to be reunited with our dog, Kevin! I miss that little guy.

And if you’ve sent me an email, I promise to get back to you as soon as we get back on June 21!

(Wanderlust poster by noodlehug on Etsy)

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