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Viva Las Vegas…or how to survive WPPI


For the next few days, I’m jetting off to Las Vegas for the annual Wedding & Portrait Photographer International Convention (WPPI). It’s a whirlwind week of classes, seminars, workshops, networking, eating, shopping for new products, oh and a whole lot of socializing. As my friend Marcia likes to call it – Photo Camp!

Last year, I wrote a few blog posts on how to survive WPPI. And since I felt like I barely survived – I got SO SICK after I came back — like sick-in-bed-can’t-move-it’s-too-hard-to-do-anything kind of sick, I thought I’d revisit that list on How to Survive WPPI. I’m hoping that I don’t come home with the plague again…that was awful!

I know that saying “how to survive WPPI” sounds a little dramatic. But…it’s true! There are several aspects of WPPI that you may need to survive: crowds, classes, illness, walking, social situations…and the list goes on and on. Depending on who you are as a person, you can pick your “poison” for survival.

How to survive WPPI: Prep

How to Survive WPPI 2013 - classes tradeshow workshopsHow to Survive WPPI 2013

How to Survive WPPI 2013


If you happen to see me in the trade show or roaming the halls, please say hello!

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