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What I’m Listening to in January

Favorite Finds

Listening to in January

Listening to in January


Hamilton Soundtrack

I haven’t seen Hamilton on the big stage yet, but we will in July! I’m so excited that I was able to snag a pair of tickets for my husband and I to a performance of Hamilton in San Francisco this summer. We tried to win the Hamilton lottery while we were in New York last summer, but with thousands entering the lottery daily, we knew it would be pretty slim chances.

Hamilton Mixtape

For a musical I’ve never seen before, I’m pretty obsessed with Hamilton. And if you’re obsessed with Hamilton, too, then you should check out the Hamilton Mixtape, a compilation of all the songs, covered by different artists. It’s so good!

This American Life

This is one of my favorite podcasts. I’ll admit, I’m an NPR nerd. I choose it over commercial radio any day.

Why? Well, Top40 stations and the like play the same songs…over and over…and over. Sometimes, I’ll switch between stations and it’s the same song! Ack!

So a few years ago, I discovered the wonder of public radio. And I realized that I was actually learning things! I could listen to the news, learn something new, and it’s commercial free. So yeah, that was my plug for public radio.

One of the awesome programs on the weekends is This American Life, which tells stories each week based on a theme. It’s always interesting.

Young House Love has a Podcast 

I’ve been a big fan of John and Sherry from Young House Love the blog for many years now. I was, admittedly, super bummed when they stopped blogging a few years ago. I get it, they had to take a step back, focus on their family and work, and well, it would be exhausting pumping out content five days a week and responding to thousands of comments.

However, I was really pumped to hear that they were starting a podcast. It’s the perfect dose, and even better because you can listen to their voices (instead of just reading their witty words). They are fun and silly, and my kind of people. I figure that we’d be friends in real life.

Their show is about home decor – which could sound totally boring if you’re not into it – but if you’re a long time follower of their blog, Young House Love, you should definitely check out their podcast.

What are you listening to lately?

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