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How to Organize a Wedding Gallery in Lightroom

Editing 101

Do you organize a wedding gallery in Lightroom before editing?

Wedding Gallery Organization

Organizing a wedding gallery in Lightroom before you start editing is helpful. If you’re a wedding photographer, you know that there are a lot of photos to sift through.

You’ll be able to find photos faster. Whether for your blog, for a magazine submission, or for sharing with other vendors.

When working with a private photo editor, it’s helpful to organize a wedding gallery in Lightroom. While it’s fine to send a gallery as a whole, I recommend organizing the wedding day into categories. This will help you find photos faster in the future.

Choose categories for the wedding day in Lightroom

Lightroom Categories and collections

Categories will help you organize your client’s wedding gallery. Imagine trying to find a photo of the bouquet, but you had to scroll through the entire wedding in Lightroom to find it.

By using categories, you can navigate to “Details” and find it easily. This is especially helpful if you’re looking for photos for publication.

Create a collection set and collections in Lightroom

For each wedding that I edit for a client, I’ll create a collection set with collections within the set. Each “collection” name is a category for a section of the wedding day. Collections names include “getting ready”, “ceremony”, “details”, “first look”, “reception”, “wedding party”, etc.

You can create collections and collection sets by going to LIBRARY —> New Collection Set… or New Collection…

how to create a collection in Lightroom

If the client already uses categories, I’ll use the same category names when organizing the wedding gallery.

Organize wedding into categories

How to organize a wedding in Lightroom

Before you start editing a wedding, I recommend organizing the photos into your chosen categories. The same goes for before sending it to your private photo editor. I find it faster and easier to edit a wedding in sections.

Label photos you have edited

Label photos in Lightroom

If you’re sending your wedding gallery to your private photo editor, label photos that you have edited. You can do this with a color label or star rating.

Doing so will help your editor work even faster because they can quickly sort the wedding and find your anchor images.

How to organize a wedding gallery in lightroom

Are you a busy wedding photographer looking to save time and deliver weddings to your clients faster? Check out my boutique photo editing services and contact me today!

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