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Favorite Find: 30/30 App


I have a lot of apps on my iPhone. A lot of apps that I don’t use. Apps that I downloaded because they were free. Apps that were fun a while, but then I stopped using.

The other day I found the app 30/30. And in just a few days it’s changed the way I go about my day.

As someone who is easily distracted and sometimes walks into a room and immediately forgets the reason for going in said room, this app is such a lifesaver.

What is it? It’s a simple task manager app. It allows you to schedule blocks of time for certain tasks (including breaks and lunchtime) and will tell you when your time is up. I’ve tried being my own task manager by setting blocks of time in my Google Calendar, but that hasn’t worked so well. This app is awesome because it’s on my phone, which is always near me. By setting up all the tasks either the night before or in the morning before you start your day, you don’t have to guess at what you should do next.

Also, for entrepreneurs, people who work at home, students working on a complex project, or anything where you set your own schedule, this app is great because you can manage your time just the way you like it and schedule breaks. I know sometimes I can get into the zone working on a session or project, and next thing I know three hours have gone by and I haven’t eaten a thing. This handy-dandy app will remind you to go eat (if you set it up, of course).

Best part? It’s FREE.

30/30 App

30/30 app

I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to structure their daily tasks that removes all the guesswork. Since using this app in the last couple of days, I feel way more productive just because I made time for the tasks and actually did them!

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