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Private editing for wedding photographers


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You'll be able to delight to your clients with faster than promised turnaround times - . Improve your workflow, streamline your business, and provide your clients with an even better experience and faster turnaround time.

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Running a business is hard work! Sometimes it feels like juggling 20 balls constantly. There are so many things to get done, and now that you've outsourced your editing, you have more time to focus on what matters most.

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Consistency is one of the biggest hesitations that photographers have when it comes to outsourcing. By working with one editor (that's me!) I will learn your editing style so that you can outsource with confidence knowing that your images are in caring hands.



3 Reasons to Outsource to a Private Editor

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Color correction to your editing style
Cropping & straightening
5-7 business days turnaround time
Personal photo editor dedicated to your weddings

What's included

Imagine shooting a wedding and delivering it to your client in 2 weeks flat. Wouldn't that be amazing? Imagine how impressed your clients would be! I can help you do that! Outsourcing is THE way to take your client experience to the next level. You can deliver faster AND have more time to spend on your business, with family and friends, or relaxing before gearing up for the next one!

Let's take your client experience to the next level - deliver wedding galleries in record time!



I'm dedicated to helping wedding photographers with their editing. It makes me so happy to know that I've helped a photographer get out from behind their computer to spend more time with their loved ones. You built this business to give you freedom, why not enjoy it more? 



Do you wish you could spend more time with your spouse, your kids, your significant other, but can't because you're chained to your computer to meet deadlines?

Yeah. I totally get it. 

Now imagine this. You shoot a wedding. You cull it down and send it off to your private editor. In as few as five business days, your wedding comes back, edited to your style, and ready to deliver to your client. Imagine delivering a wedding in just week. How excited and impressed would your clients be?

And how awesome would you feel knowing that you didn’t have to worry about it and could spend those hours you previously spent editing working on your marketing, going on a date night, taking your kids to the park, or having time to grab lunch with your favorite wedding vendors and share more business?

I’d say pretty awesome!

Okay. So let's be honest. Has your wedding editing got you bogged down? Are you trying to keep up with all your sessions, weddings, daily business tasks, and home stuff but just can't get ahead?

why hire a private photo editor?

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Yes, Please

Within 5-7 days of uploading your wedding to me, you'll have the wedding back and ready to deliver to your clients. Delight your clients with their wedding photos while the excitement is high.



Let's Do It

I'll edit your wedding. You'll send me any presets that you use. I don't just batch edit and call it a day. I look at each image and check for consistency from photo to photo. We'll work together to get your editing on point through your feedback.

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I'm In

You'll cull your wedding and edit your favorite images for your blog, social media,  and sneak peeks for your clients.
You'll upload your wedding to me through Dropbox.

Enjoy the time you have now that you're not stuck behind the computer.

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how it works


— LINDSAY, photographer

It was hard to let go of control at first, but once I welcomed my son into the picture, I happily handed over the reigns, had more time for my growing family, my clients and myself. She is so skilled in editing that she easily and quickly matched my editing style, has always been so prompt with her turnaround time and has literally made the past 2+ years of working with her such a BREEZE. If you're on the fence as to whether or not you want to outsource, say YES to Catie. You won't regret it!

"Working with Catie as my editor has been one of the BEST decisions I've made for my business"

— Katie, Photographer

I grew my business way faster than I expected and found myself buried in edits. Catie helped me catch up, survive my busiest season, and I can't imagine my business without her now! She helped me stay sane, spend time with my three kids, and never missed a beat.



I work a full time job and I shoot weddings on the weekends. Editing has never really been my strength, either. Catie's editing allows me to spend time with my kids instead of being stuck at the computer.


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