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Dream Shoot Planner


I’m so excited to introduce the Dream Shoot Planner!

When I was in high school, senior portraits were simply the photos you took in the traditional drape and cap & gown for the yearbook. Everyone’s photos looked exactly the same. There was nothing unique about them. Nothing in the photos spoke to my personality, my hobbies, my interests, or my future aspirations. If only there had been unique senior portrait options when I was in high school. I would have loved a session that was tailored completely around me.

Want a Dream Shoot Planner?

Maybe you’ve been thinking about your senior year for a long time. You’ve been patiently awaiting your turn.

Waiting to park in the Senior parking lot. Researching and getting ready to apply to your dream college or university. Working super hard to earn Senior Honors. Spending time wondering what to do for your Senior Project. Performing your best on the court or field for Senior Night. And maybe even dreaming about your Senior Portraits.

And the time has come.

You’re finally a senior in high school! College is on the horizon. On the brink of adulthood (but trust me, don’t rush into becoming an adult — unless you love paying bills!).

Maybe you’ve been looking forward to your senior pictures since freshman year.

Maybe you have NO idea what you want to do for your senior pictures.

Maybe you have a few thoughts, but you’re not really sure because you’ve never had your photo taken besides the annual school photo for the yearbook.

Senior Portraits are special

They celebrate a huge milestone in your life. One of the first really big ones.

Finishing and graduating from high school is a huge deal.

It really is.

It’s an even bigger deal when you receive that acceptance letter from the college or university you’ve been dreaming about.

It’s truly a cause for celebration and commemoration.

Senior Portraits mark the end of your “childhood” and the beginning of learning to become an “adult”.

These are more than just photos; they mementos for years to come. To remember where you were, what you did, and who you were becoming. Photos are treasures for your parents after you leave the nest.

I want you to have amazing senior pictures!

I don’t believe in boring, cookie-cutter photos.

I believe in personalized photo shoots designed around your personality, your style, your hobbies, and your aspirations.

I believe in celebrating who you are today and who you will become in the future.

I’ve created a resource to help you have the best senior portrait shoot ever! It’s called the Dream Photo Shoot Planner and I’m so excited for you to get your hands on it. It walks you through everything you should expect when you book your own senior portrait session from beginning to end. Are you ready for to grab the Dream Shoot Planner?
Dream Shoot Planner for Senior Portraits

Download the Dream Photo Shoot Planner!



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