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What to Wear: Baby it’s Cold Outside

What to Wear

Winter is definitely here! I heard that Puxatawney Phil saw his shadow, so that means that there will be six more weeks of winter. Although, winter is relative here in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. It was about 38 degrees yesterday and it should be in the 60’s this weekend.

Yesterday, I was definitely thinking about some cold weather outfit ideas when the bitter cold wind was blowing. Even though the sun was out, it was freezing!

Layering is definitely the key to keeping warm here in Texas. It could be super cold in the morning, but warm enough in the afternoon. And if it’s especially cold outside, I love wearing my thermals!

Baby it's Cold Outside


My peacoat is probably my favorite piece of outerwear each winter. It’s heavy enough for the winter, but not too heavy for the fall. It’s also really good for wearing over several layers of clothes if it’s super cold outside.

I also love a warm sweater. They are perfect for layering over a shirt to keep warm and cozy. If it’s really cold outside, wearing thermals are my favorite. Last year during the ice storm, it was my staple piece of clothing. Add in a thick scarf and you’re well on your way for braving the cold!

What is your favorite piece of clothing for a cold weather outfit?

This look is also perfect if you choose to have your senior portraits taken during the winter. Of course, the great thing about DFW is that you can shoot your session pretty much year round.

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