So the first time I went to WPPI, I went by myself. Sorta. I had “met” another photographer through a forum who was looking for a roommate. So I messaged her that I was interested and we made arrangements from there. At this point in time, I didn’t know any other photographers in real life […]

I was having coffee with a friend yesterday and she was asking me about WPPI since she has never been. Her questions reminded me of the things I wondered about before I went to Las Vegas for WPPI. I told her there are generally three types of people who go to WPPI: 1. Those who go to […]

It’s almost February. Which means a couple of things. 1) My birthday is coming soon. 2) WPPI is almost here. This will be the fourth time I’ve gone. It’s always such a fun few days (and exhausting!), but I know that for a first-timer it can be intimidating and overwhelming. What? Just me? Well, even […]