Email marketing has been on my radar for longer than I’d like to admit. I know how important it is to have an email list. But you know what? I’ve never used my email marketing platform consistently. I know, I know, cringe as a business owner! Even though I know how important it is to […]

You’re ready to work with a private photo editor to get you through your busy wedding season. Here are five tips for working with a private photo editor. 1. Provide Anchor Images Anchor images are the photos that you edit before sending your photo shoot or wedding to your private photo editor. Providing these pre-edits […]

It was just about three years ago. I had decided that I didn’t want to photograph weddings anymore. They just were not for me. While I liked the income, the physical toll (like only getting to sit when you go to the restroom or if you have a few minutes to eat dinner as well […]

Where did January go? It went by so fast! January always seems to be a time for reflection and a time to recharge. We recover from the hustle and bustle of the holidays and play with all of the cool new stuff we may have received. We think about our goals for the year. We […]

For the next few days, I’m jetting off to Las Vegas for the annual Wedding & Portrait Photographer International Convention (WPPI). It’s a whirlwind week of classes, seminars, workshops, networking, eating, shopping for new products, oh and a whole lot of socializing. As my friend Marcia likes to call it – Photo Camp! Last year, […]

WPPI is almost here. Well, for the early birds it kicked off today, I think. And for the rest of us, it starts this weekend. Here are some final tips for how to survive WPPI. Literally. 1.¬†WPPI SARS. Last year, after WPPI, a WHOLE lot of people got sick with flu-like symptoms and many called […]