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I'm Catie, a Dallas-based personal branding photographer for creative entrepreneurs. You can expect to find personal branding and business tips.

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3 Reasons You Need to Outsource Your Editing

Editing 101

3 Reasons to outsource your editing

Have you considered outsourcing your editing? If you have but have yet to take the plunge, what’s holding you back? Here are three reasons you need to outsource your editing.

1. You’ll have more time for your business and personal life.

Do you find yourself bogged down because you’re always editing?

Do your kids or your spouse or partner often ask for your attention, but you’re too busy at the computer?

Do you wish that there was something you could do to save time and spend more time with your family or working on your business?

This is the number one reason to outsource. I find that photographers are often behind in their editing because they have a lot of it to do (which means you’re a busy photographer — awesome!). However, getting behind schedule with editing can cause a snowball effect. You start delivering galleries late, your client experience starts to slip, and you’re spending less time with your loved ones because you’re just trying to catch up and keep your head above water.

That’s no way to live. It’s not a sustainable business model.

If there’s someone who can do it faster (and sometimes even better) than you, outsourcing is an answer!

By outsourcing your editing, you can spend those hours working on your business or with your loved ones.

You can take your kids to the park instead of saying, “When I’m done editing, honey.”

You can plan a styled shoot with wedding industry colleagues because you have the time to do so.

You can go to industry networking events and visit new venues.

2. You’ll be able to increase profits without extra time or stress.

Wait – what? How do you increase profits without extra time or stress? You may be saying, “But won’t I be spending more money by outsourcing, when I could just do it myself?”

Think about it this way: How many hours does it take you to edit a wedding? How many weddings do you have a month?

Let’s say it takes you 5-6 hours to edit a wedding and you have 4 weddings a month.

That’s 20-25 hours a month that you’re spending behind the computer.

You could be spending that time marketing your business, visiting venues, networking with other vendors, collaborating on projects, and catching up on courses you purchased but haven’t had time to sit down and take.

Outsourcing can easily pay for itself; by adding in the cost of paying a private editor to your wedding packages, you won’t even have to worry about how you can afford it. Can you afford not to outsource?

3. You’ll have more time to give your clients an amazing experience.

You know the importance of giving a great client experience. Happy clients lead to referrals. Referrals lead to more bookings. More bookings mean more money in the bank.

You know you could be doing more for your clients:

  • an engagement session prep guide before their photo shoot
  • a client gift for booking their wedding with you
  • a first-anniversary gift — letting your clients know that you still think about them AFTER the wedding.

You want to blog every session and every wedding, but you don’t have the energy after all that editing.

But maybe you just haven’t had the time because you’ve been waist-deep in editing and it’s next on your list.

What if you could elevate your clients’ experience with you? Show them that you care about them as people, in addition to being a paying client. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

What if you didn’t have to worry about hours of editing after a wedding?

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

You could be spending your time elsewhere – with family, with growing your business, with pursuing other streams of income.

What if you could confidently send off your weddings and sessions knowing that you’ll receive them back quickly, edited consistently to your style, all while maintaining control?

Wouldn’t that be a perfect setup to your workflow?

Are you considering outsourcing your editing now?

I can help.

By outsourcing your editing, you’ll be able to send off your client galleries sooner, blog your sessions and weddings faster, and give your clients’ an amazing experience.

By outsourcing your editing, you’ll be able to spend more time with your loved ones instead of being stuck behind your computer.

Outsourcing your editing, will enable to participate in styled shoots or plan creative projects of your own. You’ll save yourself AT LEAST 20 hours a month!

You always hear about “under-promise and over-deliver” right?

This is how you do that!

You may promise a client that you’ll deliver their gallery in 4 weeks; but with outsourcing your editing, you’ll be able to cut that time in half or more!

A private photo editor can help you change the game.

As a private photo editor, I work one-on-one with photographers to learn their editing style, to edit their weddings quickly and efficiently, so that photographers can deliver their weddings faster and elevate their clients’ experience.

As a private photo editor, I take a limited number of clients so that I have the time to get to know not only as a photographer but as a person. You’re not just another face in the crowd. I’m a part of your team. I cheer you on through your business and your life.

As a private photo editor, I work behind the scenes to help you run your business more efficiently, more profitably, with less stress!

If you’re reading this and feel like I’m talking to you, let’s set up a chat and see how we can work together!


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